My Son Has Synesthesia.

My 8 year old son has synesthesia and other things happening that I am not sure if it is synesthesia or something else.He sees his numbers in colour, alphabets in Colour sound in Colour including peoples Voice peoples aura, and  peoples emotion.He sees music in colour and have a perfect pitch. At 8 years old he is working on his grade 10 in piano.he hears light ,hears motion,gets a taste when he touches things, and sees a colour when he taste things. He can feel other peoples pain.He tells me about things that's going to happen up to a month before they happen. Usually he tells me that God tells him by showing him on the news in his eyes.One day when he was 4 he  wanted to talk to me about a car accident I had years before he was born. I asked how he knew about it and he replied that he was there. When I told him this was before he was born he looked very confused and started to cry.A month before that fire in Australia that  killed over 200 people, he came to and told me he saw a extreme large flock of birds flying away from Australia he though they seem to be very eager to get away I asked him if he new why. he said he was not sure, I then asked if maybe there was going to be an earthquake. He said no he though it was a fire. The following day I asked him how did he know it was Australia. And he told me he saw a map of the world with Australia outlined in red. There is a lot more but I will stop now and just ask, anybody with some answers for me? 
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Your son sounds amazing and very gifted, but, grade 10?

As far as his seeing colors, and tasting what he feels as well as his associations with sounds, he has synesthesia. His other things, like the "predicting the future" is incredible if you ask me. so far, it doesn't seem to be causing any health issues, so I would not worry. Your son has a gift. It is rare for people to have such active and high level synesthesia (some people only see letters in color, and others only taste a sound...) but your son has many forms of synesthesia, and to have "visions" of sorts, well, let me tell you, that is rare. Don't make it taboo to talk about in the house hold. Bring it up often, discuss, and keep tabs. Use it to your advantage as he grows up, and remind him that he is very, VERY special :)

Wow, that's incredible! I see numbers and letters in color too. I also seem to be a bit prescient, but not to the extent that your amazing son has. Like, sometimes I'll know what someone will say before they say it, and I was thinking dreamily about tornadoes before the big one hit where I live a few years back. Also I was thinking about fire before the house next door burned down. Once I dreamed a scene in my mind years before it happened. I get deja vu a lot, but it's not useful, just kinda cool. Keep up the good work, ma'am! You're not afraid of your son's gift, and you don't try to supress it. You're a good mom.

My daughter has synesthesia, and once we realized that she had it, we realized that it could be an advantage academically if used properly as part of the memorization process, because she has another attribute for each word or phrase (i.e., she "sees" it in color). For example, if she is taking a multiple choice test, and remembers that the answer is "green", she can discard all the other answers that aren't green. It has helped her in her studies, and she is now in medical school.<br />
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Work with your son to enhance his gift--and it IS a gift.

maybe its second sight.I get that sometimes.But the whole colour/taste/touch thing is pure synestheisa

Well, I do'nt know. Because he seem to think this happens to everyone . Resently I came home and told him his friend was choosen to sing the solo part in her choir.And he responded that he already knew . I asked how could he, because it had just happen .He replied he say it in his dream, Then he asked me if I did'nt dream about things before they happen. He then asked if most people did'nt dream about things before they happen. I answered no. And this really surprized him,because he said he dreams about things before they happen all the time .Sometimes he is asleep and sometimes he is awake. So because he thaugh it happens to everybody he did'nt thing it was important to share thing he thaugh I already knew.

That's amazing. Your son seems blessed. Has he seen anything lately, did he see the oil spill before it happened (in the Gulf)? That's just so interesting.