Tactile And Other Oddities

Lets start with the easy one: pain.  Chronic muscle / skeletal pain is a high pitched whine, and causes white-wash blurring, usually in my peripheral vision on my right side; chronic nerve pain makes the sound of nylon being ripped.  Sudden pain makes a bang, the volume of which is proportional to the level of the pain.  Numbness is a barely visible, throbbing membrane about a quarter inch away from the numb area.  Since my left foot is always numb due to nerve damage, it has developed a feed-back loop where the sight of the membrane changes the tactility of my foot; it always feels as if it's squishing around in my shoe.  An itch looks like a piece of thread pulled taut, the color if which changes with where it occurs on my body, unless the itch is it is on my back, where it looks like a small patch of brown mushrooms.

Those of you who have looked at my profile know that I am a CD/TV.  Pantyhose actually make a vvt vvt (or fft fft, depending on quality) sound as they rub against each other, but the sound made by my tactile sensation of them on my legs is subtly different, like a cross between a ratchet wrench being slowly clicked backwards superimposed over the muffled sound of a cricket, and it is there whether or not I am moving my legs; the panty looks like a piece of thin red or blue rubber and makes a "yyyoy" sound, kind of like an analog version of the sound a mouth harp makes.  For many years, I felt shame and tried to deny my dressing preferences, which started at age 4 or younger (I know this because I had it in the first house I lived in, and we moved to the second house I lived in before I turned 5), but it became overwhelming as I entered puberty.  Therefore, by the time I could no longer deny the desire to wear high heels, my feet wear already too large to fit in my mothers shoes.  But I always pictured them as feeling like a gentle divots made by a blunted nail high on the back of my heel, just below the ankle.  When I was 16 and could drive to a shoestore far enough away from home so as to not be recognized by anyone, I bought my first pair, they felt exactly as I had always pictured they would.  Lipstick always sounds like porring of batter from one bowl to another with the visual of red colored grease thrying to stick to itself as it is pulled appart.

Emotions also produce colors: depression or melancholy looks like polished chrome, anticipation is misty white, fear is black if the source is known and dark blue if it is not, arousal is dark violet (probably because its my favorite color), and desire shifts between various shades of green and yellow depending on what it is I want.  Emotions also have spatial references: depression is always in front of me at eye level, anticipation is behind me from just above my butt to halfway up my back, known fear is a half cylinder about 6 inches behind me and extends from head to toe and encloses my arms, unknown fear surrounds me utterly, arousal is an inch or so from my left pectoral muscle and slices downward to where my appendix is (it's in constant motion), and desire happens in the future sometime at chest level about six inches in front of me.

People I know stand in different sized alcoves (like a knick-knack shelf) depending on their relationship to me and what we have in common.  I also have many strong sense memories, such as the smell of candle wax bringing on an almost mystical state of being, I have an eidetic memory, and migraines and cluster headaches.  All of which are usually associated with synesthesia.
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Very interesting. I have the opposite of you. I hear in texture. I can't find any other reports of my type though. Have you ever heard of it? Also, sounds cause pain. So yes, you just the other way around. Some things have a sound when i touch them, like chalk, which I hate. Absolutely hate it.

Some sounds give me pain as well. I can't stand to use a pencil at school because the lead against paper gives me chills and hurts my teeth, especially when the stupid thing squeaks aauuuuhhhggg!!! I only have ever used a pen whenever possible since I could remember and I dread the moment when I have to use a pencil.