I Have A Rare Form Of Synesthesia

I remember being a little kid and thinking of a list of things and words my parents looked like. Growing up it happened with random people lol. Nowadays I cant help but look at someone either from work, a celeb, a friend or family member and think they look like a certain word!! I thought i was just weird until one of my friends told me that her brother does the same thing as me and to look up something called synesthesia...it made me feel so much better! I know it usually has to do with numbers having colors or music having shapes or whatever but i asked someone else on a synesthesia website and they said i have a rare form of it! Its even gotten to the point where not only people but animals and other objectS look like letters, numbers and words!! Ill give you some examples of it..

My sister and Scooby Doo look like the word sock, outhouses look like the word boy, Christian from WWE looks like the word ham, Big Show also from WWE looks like the word donut, Dr Reid from Criminal Minds looks like the word yogurt AND yippee, A know a few people from work who look like the word spider and so does Bugs Bunny, my 5 year old looks like the word awake, Thats only like 2% of what i know so theres a lot more living and non living things that i can think of!

Anyone else have this type of synesthesia?? 
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7 Responses Aug 2, 2011

I thought everyone did this!! I am like the word window and my best friend is like the word ring. I never really thought of this as synesthesia before now because it was so normal to me!

Haha, yes! My sister is 'book'. She actually uses it as a nickname because we know a lot of Ellas. :D I thought this was normal!

Whoa. I can understand most types of syn but this just blows my mind. Do skinny people look like sticks or is it completely unrelated to how they 'look'?

I know! I barely see anything about this form of syn! No its more their faces that make them look like the "word" lol. Ive yet to see anyone who looks like the word stick yet tho! lol but thatll come!

Not everybody does that? I always thought it was normal! Ahh! I feel so stupid. My brother looks like the word chair. I did not know that was uncommon!

LOL nope for the longest time i wasnt sure what i was thinking lol. Not til a few years ago and it was when i was 5 when i remember starting this! Its probably alot more normal than we think though! Does your brother know you think he looks like the word chair? My sister knows shes a sock and has since 1991! lol. She now calls herself a sock! lol.

It's not words but people look like animals to me. I can't help but dislike people who look like monkeys or apes. A fair bit of models look like sheep or goats to me, they're attractive enough at first but they get boring to look at. I almost always don't like dyed hair because it messes with what someone looks like.<br />
<br />
To a friend of mine people look like colors.

Thats a cool form of it too in my opinion! I see animals in people alot too! Ive seen donkeys, horses, monkeys, dogs[people that look like these animals]and not just the word like my form of syn! To me Steven Tyler looks like an ape of some kind! XD Or a lion! lol. How about if they cut their hair? I wish i had more friends who had this kind of thing!

Haha, really? He looks something like a goat with a hint of sea horse to me. I've seen a fair amount of dogs too. The only thing I don't see much of are invertebrates.

I don't think I've had a change when someone cut their hair. Children aren't usually well defined to me either, probably just another reason why I'm not fond of them.

aww thanks Nikki!! But i end up acting immature sometimes! lol instead of calling people by their first names when i see them i say "oh look its the ham!" or whatever NOT to their faces tho but just to my sister lol she doesnt have synesthesia but she still laughs and doesnt think im weird when i tell her what people look like lol. Its fun actually!

Wow....word-pictures.Im jealous....You lucky thing;)