Finding Out I Have Synesthesia

I was 10 and I was reading the book A Mango Shapped Space. I had read it and I was surprised that not everyone has colors for their numbers and letters. I was thinking that I must have a really mild form of synesthesia because I am an associator not a projector. (I didn't know the names at the time though). I did a lot of research on it for about a year then I told my parents about my synesthesia. I thought that they would have it too but no one in my family (even my extended family) had it. I did even more research and I found out that I had gotten synesthesia from a series of many ear infections from when I was five. I love having synesthesia and i don't see how anyone can live without it! I told my closest friends and they all thought it was really cool. I have never met anyone with synesthesia. Leave what colors your letters, numbers days of the weeks, and months in the comments. My colors- A yellow B orange C light blue D black E black F green G deep purple H yellow ish orange I white J deep purple K orange L grey M pink N red O white P red Q purple R reddish pink S dark green T dark brown U light purple V dark green W green X orange ish yellow Y yellow ish orange Z brownish yellow 1 white 2 red 3 orange 4 light pink 5 dark blue 6 red 7 green 8 yellow 9 pink Monday red Tuesday yellow ish orange Wednesday green Thursday dark green Friday pinkish red Saturday white Sunday white
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A yellow b orange c blue d red e light green f purple g blue h orange i yellow j green k green l pink m green n purple o yellow p green q lightish blue r purple s red t green u yellow v green w blue x purple y red z orange<br />
1 red 2 purple 3 blue 4 yellow 5 green 6 red 7 blue 8 orange 9 yellow 10 pink 11 yellow<br />
Monday green Tuesday purple Wednesday light blue Thursday purple Friday red Saturday red Sunday yellow<br />
January blue February pinkish red March light green April yellow May green June blue July pink August yellow September red Octobor yellow November purple December red

When I was little I talked about numbers and colors and my mom just passed it off as a three-year old trying to get attention...but that was not the case. I finally confronted her a few years ago after reading the same book! I have the whole numbers, letters, days of the week, months, and different intruments type, with all of them having different colors. Some words also have colors, and the color is usually dictated by the color of the first letter.<br />
A=baby blue with white flecks<br />
B=tannish-yellow with brown streaks, like a rotting banana<br />
C=sunshine yellow with hints of orange<br />
D=deep, dull tealy-green<br />
E=bright red with overtones of glossy orange<br />
F=magenta with streaks of purple<br />
G=watermelon green with earthy green<br />
H=sunset orange<br />
I=deep navy blue<br />
J=also deep blue with black streaks<br />
K=orangey-tan<br />
L=bright red, sort of sparkly and glossy<br />
M=Purply-red but with glossy red<br />
N=bright. bright, BRIGHT red...I hate this letter because it always hurts my eyes<br />
O=pale, pale bluey-grey<br />
P=light pink with streaks of darker magenta<br />
Q=light lavender<br />
R=pretty much black with a little dark blue and brown<br />
S=fluorescent yellow with sparkles<br />
T=hunting orange<br />
U=grey-blue, but dark<br />
V=snot yellow<br />
W=deep glossy green<br />
X=dull, angry red<br />
Y=another dark green with hints of blue<br />
Z=plain yellow with orange streaks<br />
<br />
Sunday=pale yellow<br />
Monday=deep purple<br />
Tuesday=peach colored and bright<br />
Wednesday=teal green<br />
Thursday=angry orange<br />
Friday=dull red with magenta<br />
Saturday=yellowy-green<br />
<br />
January=deep peach with orange<br />
Feb.=purple-red<br />
March=bright green<br />
April=teal<br />
May=yellow and bright<br />
June=deep light green, light green but with something else overlaying it<br />
July=definitely a deep, dull green<br />
August=pale blue<br />
September=husky orange shot with red<br />
October=navy blue<br />
November=red<br />
December=baby blue with gray overtones<br />
<br />
I won't even go into numbers because the color subtly changes with more digits and 100 won't necessarily be the color of 10 or 1000.

A- Yellowish orange<br />
B- Dark blue<br />
C- Reddish pink with light yellow spots<br />
D- Yellow<br />
E- Light green<br />
F- dark green<br />
G- purple<br />
H- light yellow<br />
I- turquoise with light purple streaks <br />
J- dark purple<br />
K- Light blue<br />
L- Orangey brown with yellow streaks<br />
M- purple with green streaks<br />
N- light brownish tan<br />
O- purple<br />
P- light blue with bright blue streaks<br />
Q- silver<br />
R- orangey red<br />
S- turquoise<br />
T- light blue<br />
U- silverish purple<br />
V- yellow with black streaks<br />
W- yellow with purple spots<br />
X- Grey with neon green streaks<br />
Y- orange<br />
Z- purple<br />
<br />
And that book is how I found out about synesthesia, too! :)

Welcome!<br />
And here it goes:<br />
A-blue<br />
B+D-dark blue<br />
C-yellow<br />
E-green<br />
F-orange?<br />
G-blue<br />
H-orange<br />
I-light blue<br />
J-dark blue<br />
K-orange<br />
L-yellow<br />
M-red<br />
N-light blue<br />
O-dark bluish<br />
P-pink<br />
Q-silver or red?<br />
R-red<br />
S-orange?<br />
T-green<br />
U-purplish<br />
V-red<br />
W-blue<br />
X-silver?<br />
Y-blue?<br />
Z-orange<br />
<br />
1-orange (ben) loner<br />
2-blue, really nice and smooth looking.<br />
3-orange/red/green, mean when green or orange, kind of shy when red<br />
4-purple (flo) ditzy girl<br />
5-yellow-green<br />
6-green or blue tom girl<br />
7-yellow<br />
8-blue<br />
9-red<br />
<br />
Monday-red<br />
Tuesday-green and grey and blue and grainy in texture but still nice looking<br />
Wednesday-orange<br />
Thursday-blue and smooth<br />
Friday-yellow<br />
Saturday-sky blue<br />
Sunday-dark blue<br />
<br />
Months? The month's colors are generally the colors of the first letter, except January which is grey or green (because it's enero in Spanish, I think, and e is green)<br />
<br />
Also, are you going to list your colors?