Does Anyone Hear Voices?

My daughter, who is 9, has synesthesia. She sees letters as colours, sees number patterns, sees sounds as coloured shapes and has mirror touch. She has recently informed me that she now hears voices in her head. I presume that this is unrelated and probably due to stress as she has a lot of information constantly going into her little head and she is a fairly anxious child. But I just wanted to check if anyone else has had this experience? Any comments would be most appreciated.
4 Responses May 22, 2012

Frequently, folks with ADD hear voices. The inability to process all the input can manifest this way. Highly unlikely anything more serious at this young age.

I'm not a doctor or anything, but it could be the beginning of schizophrenia. Ask her if the voices are louder than her own or if they're telling her to do something. Paranoid schizophrenia perhaps? Again, I'm not diagnosing. Just suggesting.

Also, I had very loud imaginary friends as a child. I'm not sure if I'm crazy, but they have faded. They would be just as loud as other people.

I would ask her what they say to her...could just be ideas, thoughts, imagination,etc...or it could be a warning sign for something much, much, worse.

I would check to make sure these voices aren't just how she thinks. For instance, to think, "I'm hungry," I basically hear a voice in my head say the same thing. If this is not the case, seek help. This is a potential warning sign for schizophrenia and is considered a hallucination. Make sure the voices aren't telling her to do things. It could be perfectly normal but it could also be very bad. Do not just over look it.<br />
As for synesthesia, I have never heard of a case of someone hearing voices from a stimulus. Are the voices only after a certain thing happens? I'm not an expert, so it very well could be a syn type, but I would seriously suggest getting that checked on because it could be very bad. <br />
I would consider myself a very stressed person (I am also always thinking and tend to have at least three ideas running through my head) and although I talk to myself, I have never heard voices. Do not talk this down.