My Discovery

I remember the day I found out I had a condition called Synesthesia. It was not long ago at all.

Let's start before I ever knew that this was an actual condition.

I remember one instance a few years ago, where I was in the car with my sister. Somehow the topic of colored letters came up. I was saying how my name "Daniel" was blue, as the first letter is D, and with my sister next to me, she told me she agreed, and that her name "Nicole" was pink because of the pink N. Our aunt was driving us to a museum in New York or something (we were visiting from California). I don't think she noticed. This is all I remember, and this is what ultimately convinced me that everybody was like this, since my sister acknowledged it, that perhaps not everybody took the time to notice it.

A second time came up more recently, saying how A was red, D was blue, N was pink, but we also disagreed with (for example) E and 3 being yellow vs. her purple.

I brought this up to my dad, though we all shrugged it off.

Few months later, I was watching this NOVA show on Netflix, something about the brain. Synesthesia was brought up, and here we are today. I told my sister and she was surprised (and had a hard time remembering how to say it). A day later or so we did a test just for fun, where we surveyed each other by asking about a letter and writing down the color described. Both of us were consistent, and then I gave my paper to my dad. He did a spontaneous "test" on me, and when I replied with everything matching right away, he said "you're freaking me out!" It turned out that my sister also has the one where she sees the year in a space in front of her, the months left to right, and I have (along with grapheme-->color) grapheme-->gender and
grapheme-->personality (although these aren't as clearly defined as the colors).

Later on my dad told me that he sees shapes when listening to music (which is ALL the time), though I never asked more about it. All three of us are right handed, and my grandfather on my dad's side was ambidextrous, he wrote with one hand and drew with the other.

EDIT: I asked my dad if he experienced anything with music, and it turns out he doesn't. I'm certain my mom doesn't, but it must have come from somewhere, as my sister has it.
DannySwish DannySwish
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2012