Wish Everyone Could Experience It

I have been synesthetic as long as I can remember, but it was much stronger when I was a child.  I still have grapheme and personification.  And I can't find the exact name for it, but I my ******* are always associated with a specific color and/or texture although it varies and only occurs with oral sex. 

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4 Responses Jun 29, 2008

It's not that common.... I wish i could wire my brain into being synesthetic...

It can be frustrating sometimes.

Fascinating. I perceive numbers along a number line with a distinct shape.

Wow, head trauma? No. It's somewhat genetic and actually pretty common.<br />
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With that said... huh? There's a grammatical typo in there (part of the sentence missing?), so it's hard to understand. If the censored word is supposed to be a body part... that's... weird.

The censored word is o r g a s m.

Really? And I thought synesthesia only occured as a result of head trauma...how interesting! How does it affect you day-to-day?

Head trauma? No no, I didn't have any head trauma and I have it.