Multi-colored Words

When I look at a word, the whole thing isn't one or two colors like they are for most synesthetes. The letters have the same colors as they do when they are alone. The word "color", for example, isn't red or green or yellow with a hint of blue. The letter C is blue, O is yellow, L is pink, and R is purple. Does anyone else see words like this?
Methamil Methamil
13-15, F
5 Responses Sep 5, 2012

This happens to me too. I have grapheme colour and a little bit of sound colour too. Whenever
I hear loud music I also experience feelings of extreme dread or pleasure. Not sure if that is a type of synesthesia. I also love the arts and am a drawing machine . I love music because it sends beautiful flashes of vibrant colour everywhere .

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I see words like this, but the word is mostly the colors of the vowels in it. The consonants also have very faint colors.

Heyy me too a little I guess. My ''color'' is just green

I do, but if I want to tell myself the short way I would say it's this this and this with a hint of this. I mostly to one color at a time too. To me 'Color' isn't colorful; The C is yellow, the O's are white, the L is orange, and the R is red.