object Personification??

The door and closet are married (the closet is the male). The desk (girl), dresser (boy), and lamp (girl- youngest) are their kids. I was afraid the furniture would be sad when I got a new desk. (Sometimes they miss her, but they've come to love the new one.)
Cars have personality, too. Trucks are male and cars and vans are female. When my family traded in our truck, I cried because the car would miss her brother. Suburbans are total boys. They love hunting and getting dirty. Vans are women carefully watching the cars and trucks. Sometimes when I'm riding in a vehicle I watch it saying hi to its friends. There used to be a big elm tree in my yard who was the mom of some of the pine trees. There are two big trees who are definitely boys. There is a pine named Jade. I can see eyes in every object. The personalities were a lot stronger when I was younger, but the eyes are still there. Sometimes these personalities are annoying, because I always feel like someone is watching me. It used to help me fall asleep because I could watch the furniture. I would play eeny-meeny-miny-moe with them. The winner was always excited.
Right now the lamp is looking up at her mom.
Is this object personification synesthesia? Does anyone else have this kind?
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Hey! I do this! Haha, I just thought I was weird. We got rid of a mop last week and I was a bit sad because the mop and the broom were dating and ready to take it to the next level. But try telling your mom not to throw out a really smelly mop because it would break the broom's heart. We got a swiffer and they fight all the time! (Swiffer is arogant and thinks it can do the broom's job.)My kitchen cabinets all talk and joke with each other and the pantry hates it because he's a grumpy old man and he's always telling them to shut up. My window fan wants a hamburger. This lamp I have in my living room is a librarian, so I made my parents put her next to a bookshelf. My stereo is a diva while the speakers on the side are the body guards (although that isn't too weird) And yes, everything has eyes. Its especially bad if something actually dose have eyes, like a stuffed animal. Sometimes I have to turn them around. Maybe I'm just paranoid :IAnd I do the car thing too, except their personalities are ba<x>sed entirely on the shape of their lights (because those are their eyes). So a pt cruiser is angry and everyone else tends to get out of its way. And for some reason, no one likes our car even though it's totally nice. Other cars pick on ours when we get on the freeway...Ok...I'm done :)

Yes, it is.


No problem! I actually found out more about in www.daysyn.com. And they put
percentages of the types of synesthesia for synesthetes, and for object personification it's 1.7%. So, it's actually quit rare!