How Do I Tell My Mom?

I'm a 13 year old girl, and just found out I had synesthaesia last year. I forget exactly what I said, but I mentioned something about a letter being a color, and my extended learning teacher was confused. We researched it, and it turns out I have color grapheme synesthesia. Also, letters and numbers have genders and personalities, as do days of the week. I was really confused because I thought this was normal. I'd grown up with it, so I didn't think anything of it. When I first found out, I told my mom. We talked about it for a little bit, but I think she thought I was lying. It's been a year, and I'm almost positive she forgot. I want to know how to tell her, or if it's even worth telling her. Please comment!

P.S. I am a really good math student and have won many spelling bees. Does this have anything to do with synesthesia?
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I have the same!

Yes you should tell your mom, because if you can't tell your mom who can you tell? In all seriousness, some people have a hard time understand it more than others do, and as is the case with any other mental "disability" or whatever the case might be, it's harder for people without it to understand it or be able to accept it as real. But synesthesia does have to do with the wiring in your brain and non-synesthetes can't do what synesthetes can and vice versa. Being good at spelling might have to do with your grapheme-color synesthesia, because if you see a color pattern in a word that helps you remember what letter goes in what spot. However, grapheme-color synesthesia probably wouldn't help you with math. I have spatial-sequence synesthesia, which helps me with math, and I happen to be really good at it myself. Anyway, good luck to you. Feel free to talk to me about this any time.

it is worth telling your mum. You should just tell her in the most simple way possible and make sure she knows you are being serious.

1) If it has been a year and your mom has certainly forgot about it. I think you should bring some more conversations about it. And ask her if she see's the weekdays or months of the year in a certian shape. Or even ask her what color a letter or number is, just for fun. Make sure she's in a good mood too, cause you don't want to ask her when she's in a bad mood, right?

2) If you have won alot of spelling bees, I would say it's part of your synesthesia. Now the math.....alot of synesthetes say they have a hard time in math. I don't have a hard time with math, even though my numbers and letters have a color, gender, and personality, I'm still good at math in fact I have an A in math. But, I think you can tune out your synesthesia when doing math.

3) Also, tell your mom about the benfits of synesthesia, like spelling and remembering things alot easily.