Synesthetes Chat!

I just found out that I have associative synesthesia for sound--->color, numbers--->personalities, letters--->personalities, sequences--->space, letters--->color, numbers--->color, weekdays--->color, months--->color. I feel like a freak, and just want to talk to people like me. So, can someone chat with me please?!
tredici tredici
6 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Ohband weekdays and months have colors

I feel like that, too. I really want to talk to another synesthete.

You could talk to me :)

trust me, i know what you are going through. I just realized that i haven't been hallucinating my
entire life. i haven't told anyone, even my mom.

yeah, i just found out it was weird. When i told my mom, she didnt believe me at first, then got really worried and wanted to take me to a doctor. i told her not to worry and starte typing in my symptoms, and everything came up to be synesthesia, so i took the test on the synesthesia battery and my results said i had synesthesia. now my mom says its a gift, but i still feel weird.

Are we not conversing here:) What's up?

Hey, I'd love to chat with you :)

Welcome to a heightened sense of reality...go with it.