Im Scared

I just realized i have synesthesia. I always thought I was imagining my colors or that I was hallucinating. I tried to tell my mom, but she thinks I'm trying to get attention. I don't know what to do, so any advice you have will be greatly appreciated.
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First things first: don't be scared or worried, most people see their synaesthesia as a gift so there's no reason for you to worry about it.
Convince your mum by showing her all the evidence that is available online that synaesthesia is real and that you have it, I'm sad to hear about how she just brushes you off like that.
I've found that exercising my synaesthetic abilities is a great way to both prove that you have it and to pass the time. I like to draw the way I perceive music.

would like to help u.. add me


Or take the testbon and show her the results

thanks for the advice!

no problem :)

i tried to tell her but now she just avoids the subject completely. what if she just thinks i am a freak?

Just try to convince her, but dont cry. thats what i did it tok awhile though

i tried again, but my mom doesn't like it when things aren't normal. she automatically shuts them out.

If its because shes scared, try to convince her its ok

no she just wants a perfect family, and apparently now that i told her, i am definetley not perfect or close.

No one is perfect so your mum seems to want a family that can never exist. There's nothing wrong with having synaesthesia, it makes you special. Who wants to be normal when they can be better than that?

Thank you

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I understand what you are going through. The same thi g happened to me. Explain to her all about it because synesthesic expperienced are too original to make up. If she doesn't belie e you after that explain that you want to see a doctor. She should believe uoj then because she will know its serious