When I Tried Lsd...

I want to share this for the curious, but I want to get two things straight first: 1. Please don't tell me drugs are bad. I know that. I only did this to try it and have the experience, nothing more. My beliefs are that as long as my choice and actions hirt no one but me, than who are you to force me not to. And before you all say "it's addicting, you can't just do it once, etc" that's a load of bull, at least for me. I've tried loads of stuff (drinking, cigarettes, pot, cocaine, etc) and I've never once been addicted. In fact for the majority of it I didn't even do it more than once. 2. This part is more of a disclaimer. In no way by sharing this am I encouraging you to do drugs or suggesting it is in your best interests. I am not. I did this because I wanted to. I'm sharing it because I think some people might find it interesting. That is the only reason.

Okay, now for the story part. So, I just tried LSD for the first (and probably only) time last weekend, and I want to tell you what happened. Now, it's commonly known that LSD can cause types of synesthesia. I already have graphemes-color an sound-color/shape. On LSD, I finally got to experience other types. We had music playing. The song was Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, and along with the usual white blue and scarlet and crimson visuals, I tasted camomile tea, smelled burning toast, heard something that sounded like a grasshopper inside a metal tube (it was strange, I know) and I felt like I had been submerged up to the waste in a thick icy liquid. It was so awesome! Every synesthete has that feeling of belonging and being a part f the world that no one else could ever be, but acid makes that feeling sooooo much better. Besides being really acutely tuned into every little detail and being really out of it self-awareness wise, it really was just five-fold synesthesia!

The whole experience was like synesthesia sensory overload to the extreme! Some of My friends who did it with me said they'd exerienced some basic synesthesia stuff but nothing like what I did. I had a massive migraine the whole next day, an I can't tell you if it was from sensory overload or the acid, but it was terrible.
Has anyone else with synesthesia ever tried LSD and had some cool stuff happen??? (I am NOT asking anyone to try it! Just wondering if anyone ALREADY HAS.)
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I've been meaning to try it for my paintings. I try to paint music sober, and it never works. If I'm stoned I can kinda get it, but the colours never stay long enough for me to get them down. Do you think LSD would help me with that?
As for drug induced syn, I see more pain and taste colours when cannabised or pissed. It also makes it easier to see music colours as I think too much sober, which distracts me from my music.