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So I just realized I had synesthesia and my mom thinks I'm trying to get attention. I want to prove to her I have it and I already showed her the test on synesthesia battery.
Is there a doctor or neurologist who would diagnose me?
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Here is a test :) I am a big huge fan of David Eagleman, the neuroscientist on that site who conducts synesthesia research. :)

One person I was friends with has a very jealous nature so when I told her she reacted the same way your mum did, that I was making it up for attention.

It's terrible that your mum thinks that you're just being selfish, what I did to prove it to my dad was show him the Wikipedia page on synaesthesia and a couple of articles which I printed out and dumped on his lap. He accepted that it might exist but wouldn't believe that I had it. I showed him the results on the synaesthesia battery as you have and quoted to him that true synaesthesia doesn't change etc. so a month later he was witness to me doing the test again and getting exactly the same as last time. He's more convinced but he doesn't talk about it.

My advice would be to try what I did and/or show your mum this experience group, there is plenty of evidence here and other places online that it's real. I wouldn't expect her to talk about it a lot as it's likely that she won't understand it but you'll always have the people here to talk to about synaesthesia with you.

As for getting diagnosed, most synaesthetes don't because it's just a lot of hassle. Insist to your mum that she takes you to your local doctors for it. Your doctor might not take you seriously and it may take a few tries before you get recognition of this condition but if it means that much to you to get a diagnosis then the hassle might be worth it.

Even if you can't find a test or a doctor to prove this real part of your life to your mom, I would say that that doesn't matter as much as YOU being alright with having it and knowing its real. I talk about it to my friends, and they think its cool and all, but after a while, talking about something that they just cant understand is a bit one sided. They don't see what I see, and while it's interesting to them, its not something they want to listen to as much as I want to talk about it.
And your mom might be the same way. My mom doesn't get it, and just kinda humours me when I talk about it, and I'm fine with that. I'm fine with other people not being able to see my world as long as I can see it, and I'm okay with it. Thats whats really important.

But the thing is, if I don't talk about it I start to feel like I'm a freak. That's why I told my mom. I was hoping she would believe me but apparently I'm a selfish girl tryin to get attention.

Thats ridiculous. She should be more open to trying to understanding it. Try showing her some articles on syn. That just define it or explain other people having it so she can see it as a real thing.

I read that brain scans can prove that a person has synesthesia.

My mom and brother are cool with it. But my mom has always treated me like I'm not all there in the head just because I'm arty, so she didn't seem surprised, even though she considers it a problem. She just thinks I'm weird, idk. My brother is a psychologist so woo. But my dad looks so pissed off when I even say the word "synthesesia" that I kind of want to pretend I suddenly don't have it anymore. He thinks I want attention too. So I feel ya.

well at least your mom believes you. i think she might believe me, but she just wants a normal family which means no girls who see colors. there is one person who believes me, and she is my best friend who just moved to san diego. did u ever take a test or something? that wasnt online? i want to prove to her.

No, I didn't take a test. :P I can just tell. Like I didn't realize it wasn't normal, but now I know it's a condition, I know I have it. And my mom takes my word for it. When I told her she was just like, "Figures." You can probably be diagnosed by a psychologist or something. I don't really know. Sorry

That's okay. I figured I don't need her to believe me, I'm awesome with my synesthesia, and she can't take that away from me. :)

Have you ever read the book "A Mango Shaped Space"? see if you can get it at the library. The girl in the book has synesthesia, it's a great book. Also another book would be "Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens" and it is a book entirely about a scientist that has synesthesia and studies it. I was able to convince my family that I'm not looking for attention by giving them those books. Good luck. :D

Many doctors don't even know about the condition. You could try searching for one on the internet who's done studies on it and published his findings, but most neurologists have never heard of it because so few people come forward wanting to be diagnosed because they think it's normal to be like that.

My mom doesn't believe I have it either. Though I've been telling her for years what gender this car is and things like that, but she doesn't believe me. It's frustrating.