I have sound->color/movement and sound->touch and a bit of grapheme->color and numbers->personality. I have these mostly associatively, where it's happening in my mind and I can tell, but sound->color/movement is my strongest, to the point where it gets to projection. I'm a musician, so it's so great. Music is so powerfully colorful.
One great experience I had in marching band was connecting with a person on the Drumline with me over sound->color.
During practice, I offhandedly mentioned that the movement we were practicing was sky blue with fluffy white clouds drifting, and his eyes lit up like "Yeah!"
We kept talking about it and we got all the same colors through our whole show, and later I colored the sheet music, and he told me it was perfect.
That was one of the few things that actually made me talk to him, and now I have a really great friend because of synesthesia!
Also, a weird thing is, once, during winter percussion, we hit an impact in just the right way in the music, that my chest just felt like it was overflowing with blue and my whole vision was turquoise. I just stopped marching and they had to cut and start the section over again.
So I'm curious, does anyone have any interesting sound->something else synesthesia-related memories.
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my synesthesia is music centred and I swear I will do my best to share it with you but right now I'm a little overwhelmed by finding this place where people are sharing their experiences after so many years of having no one to talk to about this condition . I just want to let you know your story made perfect sense to me and you are not alone

one time at band, a guy started to play the saxophone but it wasn't tuned right. i got this terrible headache and couldn't see anything but this bright ugly yellow. they had to stop playing because i fell onto the floor. it was pretty funny afterwards though