The Colors Of Music And Taste Of Language.

Hi everyone. This is my first post on EP so sorry if it comes out a little akward. I have had synesthesia all my life (i have 2 types) and I will say that it affects my life profoundly. I have been "seeing" sounds for as long as I can remember and tasting words since about 1st grade. The second of these I think was caused by some weird neuroplasticity thing due to cerebral palsy (I remember tasting words for the fist time around the time I switched from a leg brace to an orthotic insole to help me walk).
My chromatic (sound>color) works based on the timbre of the music which controls the color of the music (for example a piano is always ivory polished black whereas a harpsichord is a golden color) the pitch which controls the intensity of the color (lower notes are darker higher notes are brighter), and there is something else about the way the notes progress in a sequence that determines how they move although I do not know enough about music to know exactly how this works. My Lexical-Gustory (words>taste) I am still figuring it out but what I do know is not all words have a taste and that some words are "singular" tastes and others are "compound". for example the word oaktag (first word I ever tasted) the oak has a sweet taste to it almost like cane sugar and the tag adds an almost cracker like texture to it. What I also notice is I taste the words whether I read them in a book or hear them in a conversation. The downside of this is when I am eating something and the taste of the word spoken does not go very well with the taste of whatever I am eating.
The oddest thing about all this is that I thought this was how everyone perceived the world until about 8th grade when I asked a childhood friend about how he liked the purple tone a certain song had and he looked at me like I had 4 heads. I had something similar happen in a college music room where I was tired and not thinking and the teacher asked what I thought of a particular piece and I blurted out "I hate it it is too pale yellow" which of course caused half the room (including the teacher) to freak out or just start laughing.
I also have known several people who had it including an ex girlfriend who had color grapheme (she was a poet and she knew she had a good story or poem written out if the paragraph "turned" blue or pink). Was also grateful to learn in my research that a lot of rather famous people, particularly musicians have the same thing I do including the guitarist of one of my favorite bands: Adam Jones of Tool (because to me in the beginning told me I wasn't completely crazy).
In the day to day it definetly affects me especially the music I listen to (which generally is "color coded" according to my mood) to the color i make presentations for work (I have noticed the color of my presenations tends to match the colors of the music I was listening to while preparing them.)
In summation synesthesia is something that I'm both very aware of in my life and that it has been there for some time. It is one of those aspects about my person that I usually don't share with many people because it takes way too much time to explain. And more importantly I could not imagine a life without it.
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You my friend are a special man and a gift to the world. Your perceptions are unique and remarkable. Blessings.. find peace in your unique self and Please - tell us what you see and hear and feel - we need to know.

wow,this is interesting. i was just curious,what colors do you see in loud and heavy music such as metal and stuff?? and does people changes colors as their mood change?for example if a person is happy the colors are cheerful and vibrant,and if he's mad,angry,jealous or any other emotions does the color changes?

Do you still listen to music for enjoyment? And is every genre a color, or can for example 2 songs by the same artist have a diffrent color?
I don't have synesthesia myself, but I'm kind of obsessed with it, it's just incredibly interresting.

so interesting

I have synesthesia as well sound>color which you have, and music>color. But, no matter what ANYONE says keep your head up HIGH!
Yes, I know if I like a song based on the color... Theres this one song I hate that I forgot it's name because I don't go searching for it it is WAY to bright- I feel like I need sunglasses when i look at it lol

Oh and there's one I didn't list because I was rushing- I have personality>color. This is good, it helps me choose good friends :)

O.o purple people? For me, most purple people are mean and snobbish...O.o

It's interresting how you say you need sunglasses when you "look" at a certain song

@AEther2 well for me it depends on the shade of purple. General, straight-off purple is usually for me, mean. @nathanvleugels I didn't really know how to explain it any other way. Like sunglasses on my brain, sort of dimming the colors.. Oh I don't know I'm not good with words! :(

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I think that's really cool

I see numbers as colors.

I don't have it for words, it is only for numbers and patterns with numbers. I can't explain it and sound sane. It is very complicated.

I don't think I have synesthesia, but I sometimes see words and numbers as if they have personalities and colors.

Well, that is synesthesia! :)