Help With A Study On Synesthesia And Learning!

Hello Synesthetes!

We are Olivia Iles and Alyssa Martin, and we are students in the Science Research Program at Yorktown High School and Rye High School. For our research, we have been working with Penny Jones and Dr. Sean Day on a survey that looks to discover if there is any connection between learning abilities and Synesthesia.

Certain types of synesthesia are believed to negatively affect a child’s ability to comprehend simple mathematical ideas. Other types of synesthesia are thought to positively affect a child’s memory, spelling skills or musical ability. This study attempts to determine if having synesthesia has any effect on how a person learned when he/she was a child. We invite you all to take this completely voluntary, 15 minute survey. (You have to be 18 or older to participate.)

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I don't know what kind of Synesthesia I have, or how it is categorized. Colors and sounds are connected, and have been all my life. Until recently, I didn't know that there was such a thing as Synesthesia. Since I was very young, ( which I'm not any more, alas! ) I've been sensitive to sound - not that my hearing is anything but normal, but sound always seemed... more, in a way that I couldn't and still can't put into words. What I can do is describe some of the sensations.
I love music - the pulses are either soothing or very energizing - when it is ONE SOURCE ONLY! When there are two or more sources it is chaotic and makes me break a sweat even when I'm sitting still doing nothing. For a long time I thought I was either OCD or just intolerant of having teenagers in the house!
Since I was young, when I was laying in bed in the dark, I found that I could, with my eyes closed, somehow cause colors to appear in my vision. They are splashes of color that are formless, and they ebb and flow into other colors. They typically start with muted yellows and some reds, and if I find the proper "urging", they become blues and violets, sometimes very bright. The violets are the most difficult to get.
This has all been in the way of a lead-in. When I'm in a dark room with my eyes closed, like after lights out at night, any noise causes a brilliant flash of color, simultaneous with an unpleasant sensation akin to a mild but whole - body electric shock. The noises don't have to be loud, and different noises cause different colors and varying degrees of physical sensation. A sudden sharp noise ( like the house snapping in the cold ) causes a large flash of brilliant blue. If my husband suddenly moves, the sound on the sheets causes flittering sparkles of blue. The sound of the electric heater expanding or contracting causes yellow gold cascades of light. A light show for each type of sound!
I don't experience the sound-light thing in daylight, only stress from chaotic sounds.
So... that's my experience with what may or may not be Synesthesia. Maybe I'm just a garden variety nutbag!

Well I can't do the survey but I have 4 forms of Synesthesia and the Ability to play 5 instruments as of now, the first I started playing 2 years, 6 months and 3 days ago. I have also have a very good memory, I was able to memorise the number Pi to 164 places in no less than half an hour after looking at it 9 times. My memory is only above average when it comes to other things, numbers are my main focus in memory, meaning Maths is always a strong point for me.

Very interesting. I also am attempting to conduct research on synesthesia for my school. My partner and I are attempting to access the degree to which synesthesia raises ones ability to memorize information and do math. Good luck with your project

Can't get to the survey from the link! Any suggestions?

Aww. I wanted to help, but I'm only thirteen. I connect all five senses and i can really clearly express all the interpretations.