Do I Have Synesthesia?

I attribute numbers, sometimes object, to personalities.They are feelings more complex than words, but I can try..
Examples :
8 is noble,elegant and royal..probably male
4 is quiet,modest and nice..probably female
1 is boring,analytical and simple.dont really attribute any gender
3 is orderly as well, but is mainly an underdog....don't really attribute any gender

I don't see numbs in colors, or see colors in my head, but I think letters should be specific colors, although some colors are neutral..
Example :
8 is a deep purple
1 is yellow
5 is a the middle of deep and light
3 is green.

However, neither of these regularly affect my life.I don't avoid using certain numbers, or think of the numbers as people.
Do I have synesthesia?
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

It sounds to me like you do. When you associate personalities with graphemes that is called grapheme - personality synaesthesia, I have it too.
The colours that you associate is called grapheme - colour synaesthesia and it is the most common form of synaesthesia. The fact that you associate them and don't actually see them means that you are an associator rather than a projector.

Sure sounds like you have it, just associated. It's probably a weak grapheme or number color and then you attribute personalities to numbers.

Yeah , I figured out too..
I think my OLP (ordinal linguistic Personafication) is projected.I feel vibes/feeling of the numbers..
My grapheme-color is weak, but strong in some numbers..For me, 3 is almost synonymous to green, and 8 has to be purple..

Anybody going to answer?