My Forms Of Synesthesia.. Some Are Particularly Odd! :)

I am an associator with my synesthesia. I have sound-color graphime-color spatial sequence and the personality one.

With the sound-color, i can look at an object with one solid color, or about a solid color, and it... changes. Like in The Giver, by lous Lowerly, Jonah sees the apple change. I cant describe it. There are patterns, the color changes a bit and shadows. Does anyone else have this type?

Numbers all have BIG personalities. And relationships. 3, 6, 9 are siblings. 5 and 7 are both yellow, and are cousins. 9 and 10 are dating, but 10 is that football player that thinks he JUST SO great. Hes not. He doesnt like all the single intergers exept 9. 9 is goth and a dark red-brown... Never seen the color in real life. Just in my head. 4 is the brightest, being pink and her older brother is 8, who is like the nerd who likes frogs and such. 1 2 and 3 are the littlest kids.

I could go on and on.

Spatial sequence is the most helpful. The names, colors and WHERE the months and days of the week are help me remember things and really visualize the future in that year, or week.

One odd form that i have has boggled me. When i felt the inside of this headband i had in grade school, i smelled, tasted, and felt vanilla. And when i have Grape Jolly Ranchers, (started recently) i saw the letter B and it was Purple, not a dark blue with green it sits on like usual.

Please comment if you can relate! Synesthetes rule!! :)
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Oh my God this makes me feel so less crazy. I had strong personality and color associations with numbers when I was a child, but kinda blocked it out because it was so distracting. I found this page because I'm watching The Giver (one of the most impactful books Ive ever read (embarrassingly? LOL)). Mine are so similar to Tony's!!! It's insane. Three is DEFINITELY yellow but he's the cocky jock in my stupid impulsive instinctual weirdness. Four is blue and a delight: she's nice, smart, sweet, and feels blue. Two is too shy but very sweet. Eight and "F" are strongly green. I could go on and on. It's so strange. Obviously I know it isn't real, but it's so strongly imprinted in my mind.

When I was young, I saw this curious color everywhere. I call it laser blue. It's like a bluish purplish iridescent hue. Have you ever had one of those toys from the circus that are like wants with light strands coming off of it? It has that laser blue on the end of it. That's the closest I've ever come to seeing it in real life. I have a bizarre emotional and intellectual attachment to it that I cannot put my finger on. It's as important as if it held all the knowledge, answers and love in the world; but ovviously it does not. It's like the Pink Floyd song Comfortably Numb. I catch glimpses of it but can't put my finger on it.

Anyway, thank you for making me feel less like a freak. I've always hidden it until this past week. I learned pretty early on that when you say stuff like, "It was one of the closest days, either Tuesday or Thursday," people look at you weird. BUT I truly think it's a gift. I feel sorry for those who don't have it at all. Songs and feelings often "feel" like colors. It's badass, really. :)

I have the same type of weird soap opera with my numbers! 2 likes 4, but 3 is a little stuck up ***** who's really possessive of two. 7 is stuck up and worships 8 but hates the guts of 6 (3 and 7 are both yellow and *******). 5 is really loud and obnoxious, and is 4's brother (which is funny cuz 4 is pink and 5 is bright red). 5 really likes 4 and 6, but they just kinda put up with him. They're both kinda quiet.
6 is the coolest cat. He's quiet, but not in a standoffish way like 8, and not in a inverted way like 4 or a timid way like 2. He's more of the strong silent type. It doesnt hurt that he has the coolest colour out of all my numbers. Its like a bright shiney lime green. Its awesome.
And sometimes I have things that are that weird colour you cant name. 9 is like that for me too. Its a dark pink-purple-red-brown. And bass is hard to place. Its hard cuz the shapes keep moving, but usually I'm able to say what an instruments base colour is.
I'm not sure what the last one you mentioned is. It sounds pretty cool. It sounds like it doesn't happen that often, but does that whole range of tactile experiences happen with anything else? Have you tried to do it again?

Oh my god, the jolly ranchers and B is exactly what i had. Even the same color.

Wow! Just wow!