My Synesthesia Connects All Five Senses

I didn't even know I had it until last week. It never occurred to me it wasn't the norm.

I can most definitely give numbers, colors, months and days personalities and colors. I can taste, see, and smell music.

Classic rock is generally a darker, richer flavor. Kind of like a strawberry-tobacco. Piano is mostly blue, unless it is the lower notes, in which case it's brown and it tastes like pure sugar and cream. Pop is pink and tastes like bubble gum. Rap is a purple-red and it tastes like raspberry flavored candy.

Numbers are kind of harder to explain.
The number one is usually red and it is small but haughty. Two is generally compliant, dark blue, and fits in most anywhere. Three is an orange-red and hates everything. Four is an under appreciated purple number. Five is yellow-orange and it is not as mean as three, but not as nice as six. Six is light blue-purple and doesn't get out much. Seven is light green and reminds me of Snape, the antihero-ish thing. Eight is a yellow. Kind of higher up and wise, but it makes mistakes just like everybody. Nine is a *****. Dark green. Ten is brown, the father. From there they are a combination thereof.

Help me compare my impressions. I'm kinda feeling lost. Nobody i know can feel it.
dontyouwish dontyouwish
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I have the sensation where i experience Numbers in personalities. Only numbers though. When I told people I experience that they immediately ask what 69 is, you should see there face when I tell them 69 is extremely bad financially. They seem to be really specific, but that may be just me.