Is This Synesthesia? Does Others Experience This?

I have many synesthesias:
Numbers->Color and personalities
Sequences->Spatial locations
(Sequences such as numbers, weekdays or months)
Musical Chords->Color
Musical Instruments->Color
swimming styles-> color

But, If I see something or think of the picture, anything, I immidiately taste it in my mouth similar as it really tastes. Like this computer screen right now. I also have mirror-touch synesthesia. I feel everything I can see like from a mirror. Can't feel if someone has a headache. I can only remember it. I feel it in my throat when I hear singing (every note feels different) and feel it in my mouth when I listen speaking. I feel is at it would feel as I would speak. Everything is connected with something I've experienced before..

Is this synesthesia?
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3 Responses Jan 24, 2013

That sounds like Synesthesia to me, I have everything you have put besides Temperature, Swimming styles and what you have put in the paragraph. In mu opinion I would say that is Synesthesia, but I'm not doctor miss. :3

What you describe sounds similar to some rarer forms of synaesthesia. By the sounds of it, your synaesthesia is not only connecting the senses but it is also cognitive - simply put, it's when the brain relates things to a sense so that every time that thing is seen (or sometimes thought of) it triggers a reaction through one or more senses.

Remember that synaesthesia can occur in many, many ways because of how many neurons we have in our brains that could possibly 'crosswire'.

Proper synaesthesia can't be 'shut off', it can be ignored so it is not noticed by the person but in can't simply be shut off. If you do relate stuff that can be shut off then this is more likely to be association rather than actual synaesthesia.

Hope that helps :)

I think colors have their own tastes, but I can shut that sense off, so maybe it's not synesthesia.. But they do are always the same.