Graphem-colour-synesthetes Searched For Little Online Experiment

Hello everyone,

I am a student at a german university and writing my bachelors thesis about graphem-colour synesthesia. For this purpose I invented a little online experiment which takes about 10 Minutes (or less).
I would like to find out more about your synesthetic experiences beacuse it sounds very interesting to me and I'm interested in this topic for over 15 years now. During my first studies (Social Work) I wrote a short essay about synesthesia and now I would like to complete my thoughts with my bachelors theses and this experiment.

I hope you would do me the favour of participating as you follow this link to my experiment:

Thanks a million I appreciate that a lot.

Best wishes from Germany

Melikalb Melikalb
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 4, 2013

I took your little experiment-test thingy :) I had a little fun. Though the "like or dislike" words, a few of them made me feel disgusted, but only 'cause the letter combinations. Overall that test was fun :) I'm glad I could help :) By the way, I love your name, Melanie! It's my favorite female name, and I plan to someday name my daughter that if I have a daughter. It's powdery light purple :) So. Again, glad I could help! <3