My Number Form Synesthesia

Here's how it looks:
I stand to the right of two, a viewpoint I can't change. The numbers to my left climb slowly toward ten, then step down (so that eleven is hard to see), curve to the right, and step down to 15, then climb toward 20 - a big step up. Now the 20s turn left and climb slowly toward 30, turn right again and climb slowly to 40. But the pattern changes here, and continue in a gradually curving, ascending line toward 100. It gets difficult to see in the distance now, but they continue more or less straight until 1000, then go off to the right again.
The negative numbers just seem to submerge behind me, and I don't like to look back at them since it makes my neck sore.

I've thought this contributed to my utter lack of ability to do arithmetic in my head, and my poor ability with math and algebra (never even tried calculus). But it appears that most people that have this are very good at math, and find their visualization useful. Mine serves no use that I can detect.

I'd always been afraid to try computer programming based on the above, but discovered that I loved it and was good enough at it to make a living as a contract programmer for twenty years, and still do a lot of it just for fun. I seem to be able to visualize spacially, and easily see flow charts of where my code needs to go.

But I'm terrible at chess, since I can't hold an image of future moves.
Hakai1943 Hakai1943
66-70, M
Feb 9, 2013