It's "discovery" is recent, but it's been here since forever. I don't have any of the crazy music-colour stuff, or anything like that. Just plain old grapheme-colour, with a touch of something else. In my case, letters and numbers are colourful to the eye. I'm a "projector", so I see the colours in front of me, but they're also in my thinking processes and my "mind's eye", which I guess is pretty normal for other synesthetes. Most of the letters are varying shades of pink and purple, while a few are invisible. The ones I can't picture are more like feelings. e.g. a Q feels cold and stiff, like porcelain. Other characters seems to flash like strobe lights when they don't have a colour, so it's the outline I picture rather than the letter itself. Since I've got a little bit of a background in Japanese, the hiragana and katakana (the two simplest Japanese alphabets for those who don't know 'em) characters also show up in different colours. Honestly, this has made it easier the learn the language. Words and sounds have different colours and feelings to them, so I can remember them according to their colours rather than their sounds alone (which can get very complicated! many sound the same!). Otherwise, numbers arrange themselves in position in space when I'm struggling with a devious maths problem (oh, I hate those) which does seem to be an advantage.
I'd love to hear about similar experiences. Cross-language synesthesia? Any type of synaesthesia? A good joke you wanna share? Throw 'em at me.
Thanks for your time *high fives*.
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Wow, all of these personal perspectives through synesthesia are very interesting to learn about. I also have grapheme>color plus something else that's I haven't quite identified yet. I associate numbers, days of the week, and a few shapes to color in my mind. Sometimes I feel like I can pair up emotions/personalities to certain colors and numbers too.. For example, sky blue [also known as #2] is my favorite color because it's a flowing, refreshing, and healing color in my perspective. A week or so ago, I was going through some old boxes and found something from 2nd grade, where all my classmates had written letters to me for being student of the week, and in one of them, a friend had asked "Why do you always wear blue??" I laughed because its a true blue, I've stuck side-by-side with that color since I was a youngin' and that connection just keeps growing stronger. It makes sense that the letter was from 2nd grade and sky blue is the number 2. What is your favorite color and how do you perceive it?

Actually, my favourite colour is blue too!! Almost everything I own is blue, as well as 99.99% of my wardrobe. For me, its cool and calming, and a little refreshing too. I've always perceived it as the type of colour you can surround yourself in comfortably...guess that's why I do it. :) I've also been discovering links between things in the past and what I see the colours of my initials are the three colours I always favoured as a kid, and they also correspond with my lucky numbers. Do you have favourite letters/numbers that correspond with your preferred colours?

That's awesome!! It is a very calming color, I enjoy being around it. Is blue associated with any numbers or letters for you? I'd love to hear all about it. Wow, that is so amazing! So, what are your initials and what colors/numbers do they link to? If you don't mind me asking, that is. Feel free to message me as well if that makes you feel more comfortable. My favorite color is blue but my fave number isn't 2; it's actually 7, which is a regular medium orange. I haven't really been a fan of orange in the past but now I do enjoy that color. I don't see letters associated with color though, but it'd be great to know yours!

Cool. I have it synesthesia too, I was diagnosed with it a few months back. I smell colors, mine is different than yours in that I can only smell them when my eyes are open and usually only when I'm feeling an extreme emotion like sever depression, stress, or extreme joy.

Wow, thats pretty amazing. What sort of smells? (If you dont mind me asking!)

Blue sort of smells earthy, like the woods after it rains. Green smells rotten like spoiled milk. Pink is kinda metallic i guess. It really hard to describe smells. Asking me how a color smells is like asking someone to describe the the color pink. Its really hard to put into words.

That's cool! I totally understand the "hard to put into words" part. Sometimes things are colours I can't even describe. I'll tell someone; Oh, that's a reddy-purply-pinkish-flashy-soft-strobe kinda colour.

Totally. Does your synesthesia ever get in the way of things?

Hmmm...not too much actually. If I'm super tired and trying to study, the words become more like a rainbow so it's harder to read. If I have to look at coloured sentences, most of the time the colours used don't match up to the colours I see, which becomes a little confusing. Otherwise it's OK. What about you? Do colours interfere with things like perfume and food etc?

Yeah kind of. I'm a full time college student so when I'm stressed out and a professor or someone in my class comes to class in a green shirt I have to leave because if don't I get physically sick. Same with blue only I get euphoric around blue and stop paying attention to anything else. So that can get in the way of my learning and in the way of work sometimes.

Well, I'm glad I've only got colour-grapheme then! But overall, I think it's a cool thing to have despite the drawbacks. A friend of mine is researching the unique ways people with synaesthesia think, and is applying these different methods to help kids with learning disabilities.

Blue is my favorite because it reminds me of home and makes me feel a bit safe. My bedroom is mostly blue and and I dye my hair blue a lot so I can smell it more. I absolutely hate the smell of red because it smells like blood tastes. Green is the worst though it makes me physically sick.

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