Playing On Multiple Levels

I have a couple of types of synesthesia. I guess the first one I should talk about is the most common one. Certain musical notes make me see certain colors. For instance, the key of F makes me see yellow. I like the key of F, which also means I like the color yellow.

The key of E Flat is red, C is white, etc. My favorite key is the key of G, and that one's green. Right now, two of my favorite songs here are Ashley Tisdale's "Unlove You" and "Avenue Q"'s "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist". The interesting thing about the latter is that it goes through multiple keys, so it's multicolored. It also has multiple harmonies, so a lot of things blend together.

Now for the second one. This one's a bit trickier, because I'm not exactly sure what I'm seeing or feeling, but it has to do with words. It's not a textural or color association all the time, different words do different things. The word justice, for instance, makes me feel like I'm touching stretchy pants. The word scorpion makes me think of slightly muscular, very soft, very sexy arms. My friends tease me with this one, or they did until I threatened to start randomly reaching out and grabbing their boobs every time they used it because some of those words have arousal potential. Words like that include circle, supervisor, duck, charge, pitbull, scorpion, XLax, dragon, Zeus, *****, supervisor, buster, creature, teacher, broot, brutus, brutal, etc. Certain voices and accents make certain words work on that universal list work better than others, and certain voices and accents have certain words that are unique. I have incountered people that have over 200 trigger words, so all you guys that think women in low cut dresses are a distraction I needn't put up with because I'm blind, I've got my distractions too.

I used to go around tricking people into saying some of the trigger words until I realized it was like tricking them into taking their clothes off.

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

I have never been able to see colors with those keys, however I do see images forming when chord progressions occur and Gmaj is my favorite.. :) A very soft looking wave...