I Can't Believe There Wasn't a Group For This!

I always thought it was "normal" that all my numbers and letters had assigned colors.  Then I read an article about it and realized that not everyone saw things that way!
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I only recently discovered that I had synesthesia as well, although my whole life I've tried to explain to people why the letter A was red, or why 6 was a sweet little girl. I still have trouble getting people to understand my perspective. But I love being able to see things in a slightly different way, and I wouldn't give it up for the world!

Yeah... Tots. Like, I could never imagine life WITHOUT my synesthesia. Music would be so... Boring!
Yeah but it backfires sometimes... On busy streets sometimes I swear I will go blind, the colors r so bright and they're everywhere!!! I also hate police cars and fire engines for similar reasons!!! They give me SEVERE headaches! And besides, synesthesia let's me know who to trust. My mom always is telling me not to judge ppl by the glow around them but synesthesia is never wrong! That's why my friends are so trustworthy :)

i have a friend named rohan (ROW-in) when he told me his name i thought of a smooth wet log with no bark but some moss. in the log there is a deep groove. that's the picture i get for the name "rohan"

@Cinderelly and solarxmoon. You're describing what's called "spatial sequence synesthesia (SSS)" (also known by some as "spatial form" synesthesia). Subsets of this kind of synesthesia are called things like "time-space" synesthesia and "number form" synesthesia. <br />
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Here is the Wiki for number forms: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_form<br />
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...and a quick blurb about SSS: http://neuro.bcm.edu/eagleman/syn.html<br />
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The virtual environment for mapping spatial sequences (only months at this point) is part of David's Synesthesia Battery (www.synesthete.org).

I know right? It was just kinda there until I noticed it, and I didn't really think about it except as a fact. You know, my stomach grumbles when I'm hungry, my feet hurt when I've stood up too long, the letter f is inherentley orange. It was like discovering not everyone had the stomach grumbles!

I see the year as a flowing callendar, that's sort of in a continuous "S"-like shape that repeats and never ends. Within that, they all have colors/images throughout the year.

sounds cool :)

This is so cool. I read the article about it on Wiki just now. I don't think I have this myself, but I`ve always seen colours as either masculine or feminine. Reds, yellows, oranges, would be female; blues, greens, browns would be male. <br />
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And at the end of the first paragraph on Wiki it mentions spacial sequences with days of the week or years. I`ve always seen these as circular, especially with a year, like I'm revolving around a 3d center-point in which the year spins out around it. Right now at this time of the year though, I would be facing outward, and by August, inward looking up slightly. And December would be at the top of the circle, or spiral, depending on how I'm looking at time.<br />
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I guess these things aren't really the same as full-blown synesthesia, and may be more common, but they've always had a definite feel for me.

That may be synesthesia, maybe it's an undiscovered form, or a very weak synesthesia. It's probably undiscovered, because the scientists are still trying to find out whats in our heads. They think were valuable material. Just never let a scientist go near your head. They may cut it open to find out what's going on in there.

yeah, I never thought there was anything unusual, but one of the nurses at school was telling me that it's actually a really small percentage (she has it too, that's why we were talking about it).<br />
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Do you also have pictures for some words?

Got color for words :) (that are spoken aloud)