Not Letter-color For Me

I have one that I haven't seen an official name for... so i'll call it timeframe sysnesthesia. I have colors for days of the week and months. I know one or two other people that have months but I am the only one I've met with days.

If you're interested here are the associations (lots of red, idk why):

January : Red
February : Orange
March : Red
April : Yellow
May : Red
June : Blue
July : Red
August : Brown
September : Grey
October : Orange-Brown or Black
November : Silver
December : White

Monday : Blue
Tuesday : Orange
Wednesday : Yellow
Thursday : Silver
Friday : Brown
Saturday : Black
Sunday : White
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I agree with October, for me it's sort of an alternating orange and black, fitting given the holiday :) Monday Tuesday and Wednesday all match, but Thursday is orange, Friday is black, and Saturday and Sunday are both red.

Wow. I only agree with you on October, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. That's probably the most weekdays I've agreed with someone on, and the least months!

My birthday month is Silver for you! That's really interesting.

For me it's:

Mon- light blue
Tue- again kinda light blue
Wen- orange
Thurs- dark blue
Friday- forest green
Sat- yellow or pink

Numbers are

1 light blue
2 light pink
3 can't describe
4 red
5 blue
6 orange
7 yellow
8 purple
9 red
10 blue

I think that's pretty much called grapheme-color or like word to color (grapheme-color is more likely, I think)

Wow! That's so weird! With my Synesthesia, Monday is yellow, Tuesday blue, Wednesday grey, Thursday is a blackish colour, and Friday is brown too! Strange isn't it? Also months have colour to them in my mind. January is a strange orange-yellow colour, February is a fluecent bluish-pink colour. March is brown, April is pink, May is white, June is dark purple, July is a brownish-yellow colour. August is a weird cream color with a slight brown tint. September is blue, October is brown, November is silver, and finally, December is black. Glad to find other people who see different colours in their mind with different months and days. :)

Wow yours seem weird. I think they are jan-light blue/dark red (both at once); feb-the word is pink but the month is periwinkle; mar-grassy green; april-pink; may-blue future, red present/past; june- yellow; july- scarlet; Aug- orange; Sep-brown; oct- navy; nov- red; Dec- turquoise.

Jan.-light blue, Feb.-pinkish red, March-light green, April-yellow, May-green, June-blue, July-pink, Aug.-yellow, Sept.-red, Oct-yellow, Nov.-purple, Dec.-red
Sun.-yellow, Mon.-green, Tues.-purple, Wed.-blue, Thurs.-purple, Fri.-red, Sat.-red.

I have the exact same but with numbers and colors, months and colors days of the week and colors

Monday- Red

tuesday- royal blue

wednedsay- forest green

thursday- yellow

friday- orange

saturday- light blue

sunday- purple


january- greyish/blue

february- yellow

march- dark pink

april- green

may- red

june- light blue

july- blue

august- medium blue

september- dark yellow

october- black

November- maroon

december- royal blue.

(idky so many blues tbh)

1- neutral


3-Hot pink

4- medium green



7-light blue



0- white

I have this, but I also have grapheme-colour, so all my words and numbers and letters are coloured. I don't think I have it separately for months, but I do have it separately for weekdays, my colours for the days of the week just don't match up with my normal colours, which is awfully confusing as I see both colours at the same time, the one it would normally be, it's actual colour, and also the cour of the text itself, soooo confusing reading in 3 colours at the same time! Anyway, enough rambling, here are my weekdays and months:

Monday-light pink

Tuesday-light orange

Wednessday-lovely indigo

Thursday-beigey brown

Friday-darker brown, slightly greyish, and possibly grainy texture

Saturday-bright slightly greenish yellow

Sunday-yolky yellow

January-dark orange

February- beige/grey

March-light, fresh pink

April-leafy grassy green light

May-light pink

June-lighter orange

July-lighter orange than June

August-darker green than April

September-bright light yellow


November- dark grey

December-dark green

Fellow synesthetes, I know my colours are probobly very different to yours, and I'm sorry if they made you cringe!

Here are my colors:

January: White

Febuary: reddish-pink

March: green

April: whitish-pink

May: violet

June: orange with a hint of silver

July: yellowish orange and red

August: sunset-like orange with a hint of red

September: brownish-orange

October: mango orange

November: yellow and brown

December: sky-blue

Monday: dark gray

Tuesday: red

Wednesday: sky-blue

Thursday: yellowish-orange

Friday: purple

Saturday: bright yellow

Sunday: reddish-pink

I think it's interesting not only do I think days have colors, I also match them to the notes in a scale. Monday is C. But the colors are different.









E-green (E flat is literally E flat green)





Does anyone visualize music as a landscape in front of them?

I don't agree at all! But my friend and i both have colors for months and weekdays, but theyre way different.

January- ice blue

February- dark green

March- redish pink

April-red with pink and slight yellow hint

May- light pink, light green

June-pale washed out yellow

July-bright dark vibrant yellow

August- faded orange

September-blackish green

October-dark blue

November-blackish dark dark magenta

December-navy blue

Monday- redish orange

tuesday-orangeish tan

wednessday-dark green

thursday-light blue

friday-dark blue


sunday- yellow

my weekdays definitely correspond with the rainbow, I've noticed. And i used to have a calendar with those colors on them, but the colors i associate are slightly different. And anything I associate with dark green is super strong.

omg I REALLY WANT TO HAVE SYNESTHESIA (sorry caps was on) that's soooo cool

I have colors for the days of the week! Monday is red, Tuesday and thursday are green, wednesday and friday are blue, saturday and sunday are yellow.

I have that too, Monday is purple, tuesday is light blue, wed is yellow/orange, thurs is navy, fri is red, sat is silver, and sunday is yellow

I have it too. Folks at the nexus call it concept

March for me is brown with a hint of blue.

actually now that i'm reading this and the comments i think i have a third type of synesthesia. when i think about the months of the year they're always on certain sides of my body. like, january-july is always on my right side, and august-september is always on my left. it's always been that way for me, and i never got why people would get confused when i'd say, "oh, that's on the other side of the year." xD maybe this is why...

March is pink for me, and the days of the week have colors genders and personalities and the months just have genders and colors. March is a girl, naturally. :D

March is pink for me, and the days of the week have colors genders and personalities and the months just have genders and colors. March is a girl, naturally. :D

I have that with the seasons, but only when people say it. mine are different colors though. :)

March is red for me too :)

we have the same ones for April, Monday, and Wednessday! And my June is a shade of blueish (it's hard to describe)

I also see a callendar when I think of the days and months. The days are in a week that just goes straight across with the words of each day color-coded (until you get to the weekend, when it wraps around and repeats), but the months are in full callendar form, starting with January at the bottom and going up and wrapping around to the left and then up and repeating- all color-coded, and with images that represent the seasons and holidays.

no different shades... January and July are more boldly/strongly/importantly red in my mind, but they're all the same red.

That's really interesting!

Do you have different shades of red for the different months? Or are they just red months?