What Now

Hi all, dont knwo where to start so here I go,was told i had syringomyelia well over 10 yrs ago.I been having all kinds of back pain for over 30.yrs.when I was told I had this syringomyelia they kinda acted like it was nothing.lately I been finding out its serous then I thought.I still work and been doing so for 40 yrs.My jobs are hard labor jobs and always have been.Im finding out I cant do it anymore.what am I gonna do? how am I gonna take care of my wife and dogs?Got 7 more months to go to be vested in my pension and dont think i can make it.To work your whole life for something to know you can lose everything. The pain,lack of sleep,no energy,and having no strenght to go on is getting overwhelming.Im at a lost. My wife which is 14yrs younger then I is a can,er surviver,she has no use of her legs and is stuck in a wheelchair the rest of her life. Our only income is what I make every two weeks, we get no help for anyone. What are we suppose to do?
2muchpain 2muchpain
51-55, M
Sep 17, 2012