Medication Not Helping Me / Can I Help You Not Be Afraid?

I have had tachycardia for a long time. My pulse regularly spikes over 200. These spells can last a long time. They don't scare me anymore. Depending on where my pulse is, I try to walk around to keep my blood flowing. If I get very dizzy, I sit down. The attacks are usually accompanied by blurred or spotted vision, numbness in the hands and feet, pain in the chest and back. I have started bisoprolol and for a while it seemed to be helping. I've been on it since September. Just under a week ago, I had one of the worst attacks I've ever had. I ended up vomiting, shaking, I was having troubles breathing due to the chest pain/feeling of constriction. I'm not going to worry about it during the holidays but starting in the new year, I'm going to be changing my diet to avoid as much caffeine and greasy foods as possible. I have seen on other places that this can be helpful.
What are some other things that people have found helpful?
Is there anything I can do to help people not be scared of the attacks? I know they feel awful.
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1 Response Dec 12, 2011

Have you tried any other medications? I am on Metoprolol and Fleccainide and that usually works pretty good. I also had a catheter ablation, where they use a catheter and burn the part of the heart that isn't working. It didn't work for me but supposedly it has about a 80 to 90 percent success rate.