When I was 19, my boyfriend and I had reunion sex.  The thingy broke.  My period was late.  I took a home pregnancy test and saw a doctor, too.  Not pregnant.  I didn't tell my boyfriend, who was living in another town.  I guess I didn't really love him anymore.  I should've been on the pill. 

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Yes most home test are pretty good no diffenert then what the doctor use plus you have to wait forever for there results. Oh and yes condoms are not 100% affected I had many break on me and some close calls thank god.

Condoms...I don't know. It would be nice if there were something better, something that didn't mess with a woman's hormones too much. Heck maybe there is by now--I've been out of the game an awful long time.

I had to wait forever for the doctor's test results. While I was waiting I got the other test at the drugstore. The morning after I got the result, the doctor's office finally called. What a pain. But I suppose it doesn't really hurt to cover all the bases!