Second Time Around

I took accutane for the first time about 7 years ago. I did go through a depression stage and extremely dry lips. My dr. went down on the dosage. The depression go a little better, but not the dry lip thing. I had to take bactrin for a month because I seem to be getting more breakouts. I stuck with it and the acne clear completely and did so for about 5 years. two years ago I start getting mild breakouts and gradually the cycst acne came back. My dr suggested I try it again, she says people who had to do a second round only had to stay on it for a month or so before seeing results. I keep you posted.

Anyone out there tried it a second time?  Any tips for the dry lips and depression?

chardarlene chardarlene
2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

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yes had no effect you may i.m me, my first treatment i was and still do suffer depression, most detremental too me. i am unsure weather there is or was a detremental i dont know depressive link to roacutane or accutane, but i sure got into trouble. my doctor when i found out it gives problems here covered his asss along with his stupid dermo. look out if your dealing with depression with alcohol, look out it is a very bad place to be. you may read my other posts in the accutane pages here. i first took roacutane in 97 i think and bad sh1t happened. so be warned it is a bad drug especially given its long term effects i will assume is un known. so try linking any complaint to it. when the doctors are in bed with the drug manifacturers. any complaint they will assult you, put you down even. assss holes. you guessed i hate most of them.