I'm Still Taking It.

Actually, I've just started the treatment, 5 weeks ago, and I'm taking the generic, Isotretinoin.

I've been searching for groups and journals where I can discuss it with other people that have been through the same treatment or are going through it right now, like me.

I've started my own journal, to sort of document my progression. It can be found at http://my-friend-isy.blogspot.com/.

RazorToRosary RazorToRosary
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

be wary of this course of treatment it does have long term side affects. be warned. it affects you systemically, it is a poison i believe. watch out if you suffer depression and drink alcohol. truely you can get into alsorts of trouble there. acne i suffered for a very long time 13 till mabey 6 or 7 years ago.turns out i am lactos intolerant. mix caffeene &chocolate in with my diet and look out for the zits and abcysts. maybe your intolerant to something else could be hormonal but with me i had acne for at least 20 years +

Accutane was a life-saver for my bad acne. Now everyone remarks about how nice my skin is now. It seems that it evens it out and makes it a lot more smooth.

I was on it in college (about 6 yrs ago). It worked wonders for me. I looked and felt great. Once I was off it was quite a few years before my face ever broke out again (now it will occassionally). I had tried everything and accutane was the only that worked (I didn't use generic).