I wanted to see whether having english as a second language affects the scores as was implied by the notes written before you take them.. [if English is your second language, your scores may be lower]

HAHAHA I got 98.. I am dumb for both language.. I don't fully understand the sentences in first glance. I have to reread them like thrice.. [sigh]
I got the shapes and colours correct, but yeah, some of them are like what?? turning your head sideways won't help.. lol

That's o.k, I don't think either tests was really authentic.. it doesn't bother me.. I'm just super duper bored right now... >_<
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I don't know what test you have taken. Either way, most psychologists will make allowances for ESL students. A score of 98 does not mean that you are dumb and stupid. There is a lot that goes into that score. But one of the things that is not considered is cultural and linguistic articulations.. In the WAIS scale, the mean average is 100. But that really does not mean a lot. Dr. Mengele was brilliant, but he was not good.<br />
I have worked with many students and their parents from very different backgrounds. Intelligence helps in one's studies and application of thought if properly trained. High intelligence is not a guarantee for success. <br />
Then there are those whose WAIS scores are beyond reach. Often their intelligence leads to mental disturbances and even some form of mental illness.<br />
The movie "A beautiful mind" very much so portrayed such a complex situation.<br />
Dr. Nash still suffers from periodic setbacks but with medication is able to continue on his reaserch projects and his lecture tours.

Well of course your if you take an english iq test and you have english as your second language it will be lower. Besides 100 is about average and your iq is likely above that.