I Used To Do This...

 I used to do this, take a bit of cough syrup to help me sleep, especially if I am sick. But what I find more useful is using MELATONIN...it is your bod's natural sleep aid, and taking it induces your bodies sleep cycle more in you, and I will use it when I do not feel well. I find that cough syrup will string me out after a while. When I do use cough syrup now I use BENILYN ALL IN ONE, it covers everything, the cough, aches and pains, all of it.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

forget cough meds, try something natural..... I drink 5 stage sleep shot and OMG it kicks my butt!!!!! it puts me to sleep within like 30 minutes and i get to sleep all night :) wake up feeling great and <br />
i think the web gives a free sample www.5stagesleepshot.com<br />
<br />
hope it helps u like it helps me<br />
sara lee :)