Felt Spaced Out For Months and Liked It

 I experimented mildly with various drugs when I was young but the one that made me really calm and happy was a low dose of paroxetine, taken in more recent years (on prescription).  Everyone reacts really differently to each drug.  Even on half the lowest dose of paroxetine I found that I felt slightly dizzy when I started taking it.  Then I felt normal for a week.  Then for the next 4 months or so I would function well and be utterly calm and happy (even when really bad things happened like having an operation).  After about 4 months on the drug I would start to really slow down and be happy to just sit and do nothing for hours, with no fears or worries in the world.  Gradually it would then then dawn on me that this has gone far enough and so I would stop taking them.  This would be followed by 3 weeks of dizzy spells.  Then I would feel normal for about a month before the depression would return.  I have spent over a year without paroxetine.  It has been a productive and quite successful year but I felt crap much of the time.  For me, paroxetine is the "Soma" drug that Aldous Huxley wrote about in his famous book, "Brave New World".
CrystalCat CrystalCat
41-45, F
Feb 5, 2007