I Look Smexy Naked Lol

I have indeed taken topless and full nudes of myself.I was shy and uptight about me being naked but I don't care anymore.We all come into this world nude so it should not be something you should be uncomfortable with.I don't mind people seeing me nude but that doesn't mean I am showing off my naked body on the internet or on cam.It is too dangerous to share nude or semi nude pictures with strangers anyways been there done that.I am not even going to send a lover or partner those kinds of pictures what if you break up and they spread them everywhere omfg! I don't care if people view me a **** it is my privacy I care about! I don't want to be the next Amanda Todd but actually this guy in high school who wanted to have sex with me asked me for a topless picture and even back than I said no ******* way he would shown everyone I am nice but not stupid!! And no I didn't sleep with him either he was fugly and had a gf if she found out I would of got my *** beat!!!
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Wow! I like the way you think.

I think it's hot you sleep naked and I'm the same way girl