I have (past tense) taken psychedelics before. I experimented with mostly mushrooms, but peyote, LSD, and mescaline I tried also. I was extremely fond of mushrooms and the experience that happened durring the trip. Music had more nuances, more possibilities, creativity was easier everything was more edgey (or so it seemed). I never had a bad trip from 'shrooms, or any other drug. Hollywood  was very interesting tripping, those of us riding would take the 'shrooms before we left West Covina, about 20 minutes east of Hollywood in the  80's, and the designated driver would drive and make sure we all would make it back. We all took turns on different days being the driver. Being so close to the ***** and all the bands emerging from all the clubs was ideal for partying and picking up dates. Good Times.
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Sounds like a killer road trip, what id give to have been around in the 80's