Obsessive Much?

I don't know how other peoples experiences have been, but mine was not so great. Over four months I enjoyed the company of a particular young man. During that time we grew to know one another emotionally & physically. We played & fondled with each other, heavy kissing & petting but never seemed to take our actions to completion. He gave me reason after reason why we shouldn’t. Ultimately though, it turned out he was trying to save my virtue ;-) Once I explained to him that my virtue was and would never be his responsibility he gave in to his wonton lust. Very sweet, quickly turned sour. He became convinced God told him I was going to be his wife and we would live happily ever after. I on the other hand hadn’t heard any great words from any voice above or with in or anywhere else for that matter. He began stalking me; following me to work, school, even to private family functions, calling me constantly throughout day. At first, I tried to be patient as I knew I was his first but after weeks of the stalking behavior I had to put things to an end. He continued the stalking even after I began seeing someone else. This sweet misguided young man then approached my new bf & informed him of the conversation he had with God. My new bf laughed and still continued to date me.

As adults, this young man and I have crossed paths. He was still very sweet (albeit single), but I his virtue is ever beyond repair.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I've regretted my first sexual experience, but I'm thankful it wasn't with a delusional stalker ... and I think you're very fortunate it only went as far as the stalking. Like judderbunny said, many people who claim to hear God tend to think God wants them to kill people.

Hehehehe --- be careful --- some of these people who speak to god shoot people when they get upset.