By Accident

I dated a girl for about a year. She was wild in bed, gave great head and loved to rub my **** against her ***** lips.

We'd been together for maybe 2 months at this point and we'd only been doing oral and the rubbing thing and loved to have me finger her bum. She told me she wanted to do anal and started grinding her bum into me. She got on her hand and knees doggy style and I got behind her. We were both heavy people plus I have a pretty small one so I couldn't see down there well. I slid it in and she just said in a kind of monotone that I got the wrong hole. I pulled out, got in the right hole and that was that, we had our fun.

Months later we had regular sex too. It wasn't until after we broke up that I found out she was a virgin before we dated and I realized that meant the first time for her was when I accidentally put it in the wrong hole. I can't imagine how that must have been for her. I almost feel like I raped her or something.
ItsTheSmallThingsInLife ItsTheSmallThingsInLife
36-40, M
Jan 12, 2013