Distant Relative

When I was 24 we went to a family wedding and stayed for a week visiting relatives of my mum. We stayed with her cousin who had a 17 year old called Mark. He was very quiet and very shy, it was obvious he had no experience with women, anyway, one day I opted out of the relative visiting thing and found myself at home with Mark. Fortunately I don't actually need a second person in order to carry a conversation and I think after an hour of me rabbiting on he cracked and started to talk to me.

It has to be said that he was quite attractive and it had been a month or so since I had last got laid, so with my sex drive I was at breaking point, knowing he was virgin, and having seen the embarrassed looks he had been making towards me, especially when I touched on matters of sex, I guessed that he would like to go to bed with me but would probably be scared silly.

I am a loss to the diplomatic service, I just plain asked him if he wanted a ****, he sat and looked at me, I assured him that I wasn't joking. He looked at me, looked away then looked back and spurted out "I'm a virgin". I smiled and told him that I had guessed, then I stood up up and asked him to take me to his room.

I lay him on his bed and lay beside him, we started to kiss, he was really nervous, and I found that his nervousness was turning me on, knowing that I was going to introduce this young man to the world of sex. His kissing improved as he relaxed a little bit, I could feel his **** getting hard and gave it a rub through his trousers, it felt reassuaringly hard and a decent size.

We gradually undressed as I coached him in the art of erotic caressing, by the time we were naked I could see that his **** was glistening, I took in my hand and then told him to relax as I was going to make him come so that when he was inside me he would last longer. It took only a few strokes with my hand before he shot a huge wad. I cleaned hom up and then we went back to passionate kissing, I placed one of his hands on my breast and told him to knead me, he was inexpert but had naturally soft hands and didn't paw at me, in fact he seemed to be quite a natural as it was more than enjoyable. I told him to slide his hand down my belly and between my legs, his hand covered my ***** and he began to rub, softly and gently, virgin he may have been but he was better than quite a few men I have been with. I was going to tell him to slide a finger into me but he beat me to it, he pressed the ball of his thumb into the outside area my **** and pressed my vagina wall with his middle finger from the inside, he was slow and soft, I asked him to suck on my breasts and to tongue flick my nipples, I came with a loud groan, he looked startled, I assured him that he had done nothing wrong, in fact quite the reverse. I could see that his **** was erect again, so I decided that it was time to pop his cherry.

I lay on my back and spread my legs, he lay on top and with a little bit of help from me he was soon inside me, he pumped instinctively, slowly at first but as his excitement grew he got faster, I held him and told him that he was good, which was true, the boy had natural talent. Even though I had made him come earlier I still expected him to finish quickly, but to my delight he lasted almost 20 minutes, enough time for me to come twice, I felt his ****** build and squeezed his **** with my ***** walls, he came with a loud sigh.

His education continued for the next couple of days, he used to sneak into my room during the night, by the time I left he was a seriously good ****.

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What a lucky lad!

He was so lucky to have his first time with an older, experienced person who was patient and gave him an excellent introduction to experiencing a sexual encounter.

he was lucky

My teacher was an older girl of 25 or 26 she never confessed, I was 17 and she was short (about 5'2") and teh nicesst buttocks ever, Bubble shape and so soft. I was about 6'2" at the time so a preety big differnece. Bu you know what they say.. The bed levels you

I think we might be related, I think you need to come over here so we can know for sure. LOL <br />
<br />
Very nice story.

Many guys in here would have loved to be in bed with you, Good job, You go girl.

lol...............well well done both of you ;-)

and well done him too, for his first time the boy did really very well

well done you ;-)

Good story Cumbriangal and well written too ... I love your humour ... that you're a loss to the diplomatic service! lol ... he was lucky boy ... it is an older woman's duty after all ... someone has to do it!!

Likewise regret that we're not related. Mark was a fortunate young man.