I got INFP , what ever that means.
Zarifa Zarifa
18-21, F
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Hahah I was going to ask. I thought you might be. I'm an INFP, too. I'm pretty into that stuff, at first it seemed overwhelming, but now I can even deduce people's types, but mostly only if I know them well.

After a few goofy questions and answers am I that predictable?

No, INFP's are just reeeally common on this kind of site, even though they aren't common in general. And because there are many types who are quite as open, expressive and passionate. It was just a hunch.

*there are NOT many types who are as open, expressive and passionate. iNtuitive types in general are very rare. Sensors make up like %75 of the population or something.

I don't consider myself an open book, it's not lady like to have all your laundry out in the open but I like to have a little fun.

Not totally open open, just willing to share. A lot of people don't even know how to share. :)

That's true. I try not to lock myself up.

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I took that... don't remember what I got though.

excuse my ignorance but what is that.

It's a personality test, those were my results.

I am an IFTJ

I don't know what that means haha

ISTJ I was mistaken

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