Talo-navicular Coalision

I have been diagnosed with this problem. its in my both feet. Is there anyone who has this problem? am I the only soul?

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

No it's not flat feet. however, it causes the feet arc to flatten. If one is not aware of the deficiency in the bones, you think its flat feet.<br><br />
Initially and for quite a number of years I was told I had flat feet. Even had special insoles designed for my shoes to lift up the arc but neither the physiotherapist nor my GP would have pinned down my problem. this only made the pain worse<br><br />
I complained about severe surface pain on the top of my feet to my GP, he sent me for X-rays, sent me for physiotherapy, for message etc. and it was no use. The GP finally decided to send me to a foot specialist and only through an Isotopic X-Ray they could see the fusion of the talo bone to the navicular bone.<br><br />
This condition gets worse by stressing the feet in general. Examples are: standing around for too long, standing on ladders working, climbing steps and ladders, running, walking long distances etc etc. <br />
It gets worse with age too. as the muscle fibers of the area in the feet gets weaker and the pain gets worse. Just have to sit down and stay off the feet as much as possible.<br><br />
The pain can be severe enough to make you cry. Treble orthodesis was suggested by my specialist but this will NOT guarantee that the pain will go away apart from the fact that this operation would handicap the movement of the feet and therefore it could affect the way one normally walk. Ie one will not walk with a normal stride. <br><br />
I try to keep my feet off the ground rather than abuse my feet and having to take tablets to minimize the pain.<br><br />
The only way to verify diagnosis is through the means of a bone scan and/or isotopic X-rays.