I'm Not Alone With Td

I've had TD 4 years, Neurontin is another rotten drug. It only took two pills to ruin my nervous system. There are so many drugs that say in fine print, "may cause tremors". ******* isn't tremors, it's a catastrophe!! I think we should make the AMA pay for our suffering. Maybe the drug companies would have to stop hurting people and ruining our lives. Now that I'm not alone, we should do something.
Look at what they're doing to Penn State University for their sex abuse cover-up. I told my husband this is the most humiliating thing I've ever gone through. When I lost my ability to control a smile, all I wanted to do is hide with a book. I refused to go to restaurants because of the stares. Recently I did come out of hiding. When he took me to Sheri's restaurant, I accidentally hit an old lady when I turned around. I told a friend, " If I'd knocked her down, I could just imagine them having me arrested for assault, then she'd probably sue me." I feel like my body is a dangerous weapon.
One more experience: I had a bad cough, so I stopped to get cough drops. Then I started having a bad anxiety attack and I could hardly breathe. I was still driving in 2009, so I went to the hospital. I thought if I waited in a restroom stall, maybe it would subside. An employee asked me if I needed help. When she saw me, she said I should get checked out, and she went with me.

The ER waiting room was full, but I was amazed that they took me right away. Wow, what great service, or so I thought. The male RN walked me down the long hall and asked if I could give them a U. specimen. Then he walked me down another hall, and I was starting to get nervous, since this wasn't close to the ER. When he opened the door, I knew, Lock Down, or drunk tank. I said "I hope this doesn't make my anxiety attack worse." They left me in a room with a camera in the upper corner. Well, if you're going to watch me, I'm going to get my small camera out of my purse, and you're not going to see what pictures I'm looking at.

When the Dr. came in he asked what I was looking at on my camera. "We went to the beach and I saw horses coming while I was near my car. I had apples so I grabbed a few and when the two women saw me, they stopped and they let me take pictures while the horses were eating them."
This condition also stole the use of my right hand. While I was sleeping, the thumb tendon tightened so much that it tucked under. I hold onto a blanket at night with the left hand hoping it won't do the same. So this Dr. wanted to know why I wore a glove. It's cold and all the fingers are locked, except for flipping around. Then he called in the social worker, to make sure I wasn't on my way to harm myself or others, of course he wanted me to visit their psychiatric ward. I told him I was on my way to see my grand daughter.

I'm sure every person with TD has suffered through humiliating experiences. Boshie
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I try to deal with my problems by writing therapy, some are in the form of poetry. I met an old lawyer who without a doubt wanted to blame God for all the trouble that had befallen him. Here is my poem and his story.

Bad things happen to everyone,
some are very hard to comprehend,
so God is supposed to shoulder the blame.

When a loved one dies, some will say,
"God needed another angel today,
so He took your loved one away.

Some people get mad, like someone on a warpath.
"God did this to me, He took my dear wife,
leaving behind 4 children to care for! "
Didn't take him very long to ask a divorced woman
who was very poor to take care of them.
Then wife # 2 became ill, and she too passed away.
Then he turned to drinking, until he drug bottom.

Finally he turned to God and was saved. But he didn't
stay very long, the preacher asked him to leave.

He didn't like the new policy they had just adopted,
he knew it wasn't scriptural, and he argued the point,
until he was exhausted.

He didn't have to look far for wife # 3,
she was a famous model.
No wonder, if he looked good at 75, he was a lady killer.
You know what I mean.

One day, I was passing by his office, headed for the small pharmacy
next door. His window was covered with political slogans and a
cartoon of a sinking ship, depicting the economy in 2008 and beyond.
It caught my eye and soon, I was laughing outside and he noticed me.

This was a magnet to women passing by, because he asked
me if I knew much about the Bible, and said he kept one on the desk closest
to the window. Another man was at another close desk and I had my key with
alarm around my neck and I told him I wasn't afraid to blast it, and the police
department was within eyesight. He said, "I doubt that anyone would try to
do you in with cane in hand."

I told him to ask me any questions he had about the Bible. I found the
answers to his questions and he had the nerve to call me haughty.

I thought he was a little crazy when he told me this dumpy office was his
home. No shower, and he used a Wok to cook in.
He lived just like his family did during the Great Depression.

Wife # 3 couldn't stand it so they are more like friends and she still dresses
up to come visit him. It was a very interesting experience, but I decided he
should be talking to a man. The funny thing was, even with my handicap,
old men just seemed to want to talk with me. Next time I will talk about
a very smart retired History teacher. ~ justinudder1

Nothing like the stigmata of craziness (TD) to bring out that kind of reaction from any medical/ mental health workers. Whilst in the ER for what I suspected was lithium toxicity/ new medication combination reaction, I was interrogated over what and how much drugs I had taken as it was assumed I was having a planned overdose. There was disbelief that my reflexes are always like that, yes, I have myoclonus, clonus, hyperreflexia, ataxia all the time. I was only concerned over my slurred speech as this was new.They had already done a tox screen the second I arrived, and were annoyed that the medication I was worried about (lamictal) was not included in this. They hadn't asked me what medication I was on prior to taking my blood the first time. They took more blood and said that it would take several hours to get the results. I then got to overhear the staff arguing over who should treat me- psych or medical, since to them I was schizophrenic, as only schizophrenic's have TD. They decided to 'watch me' and decide who should treat me based on whether I became acutely ill due to an overdose, in which case medical would treat me before sending me to the psych ward; or if I was fine for several hours then psych would admit me to the psych ward. I then overheard discussion between the two as they read my hospital files with relish. So degrading. They were most disappointed when my blood tests returned in normal ranges and I insisted on leaving despite 'appearing agitated, nervous, sad'. They would were shocked when I told them that I could overhear them discussing me and found that disheartening. They let me go home right away then!

Hi sunshinestorm, How long have you had your condition? I truly thought I had Tardive dyskinesia, but another motion order specialist decided to change it since a true TD patient has breaks from the condition, and sometimes bright lights trigger another episode. Either way wer'e Sc-----! Well I can't remember the type of myopothy this specialist called it, I asked her to write it down. She said just remember, tics, and dystonia. I would rather have the condition - supersonic nervoso,watchoutformeosis.. Certainly that sounds better than tics.. When you say that word, people imagine those little bloodsuckers. One neurologist must have been too busy to look at me. He put in my medical records that this patient is "transtentorial, but I am not a psycologist or psychiatrist" I Googled the word and was I ever surprised, " It's all in her head" Well he was partly right, my entire head is very involved with uncontrollable movements. I have one heck of a neck ache, my eyes are doing a dance, and every muscle group went crazy, therefore I must be crazy and imagining this and I wrote to him and asked for another appointment so he could brush up on his note taking skills. Evidently he doesn't want to see the free freak show that I would be glad to give him. Wouldn't you think he would want to see what he is missing? He deserved the sarcasim Another neurologst said that I was fascinating because he had never seen this combination. The first doctor faxed my letter to my regular doctor and told him I need to return to a p doc. # 1 I have not harmed myself or others. I go places with my husband and I even packed up my house to move. I did fall down once and hit the back of my head but I don't think I did any brain damage. I do call my wooden cane, "Cainy" but I don't consider that too unusual as long as it doesn't answer back.
My grand-children think I'm funny. Why? Because I don't want them to be afraid of me, so I joke around with them. Last night I told my son, "Your two boys have turned out well in spite of the fact they tried to flush their small dog, when I babysat them when they were little. My son gave me the dog, since I held her all day.
In spite of the excuses I hear, I decided to report what happened to me to MedWatch even though I waited 4 years. A lot of people should report but I think we are afraid they will want to see us in a big gathering place.. Then they could round us all up and lock us up. Maybe they should think about reporting adverse reactions, since MedWatch expects to have the prescribing physician to report it so they can warn others. When I joined EP for TD support group, I saw a video of a little girl in her car seat flailing her arms, head and legs. She was TD, and I wish doctors could see what these rotten pills are doing to our nervous systems. My doctor said, "only anti-psychotic medications can cause TD. I found one report about a woman named Kimberly who was being prepared for surgury. When they injected REGLAN , an anti-emetic into her IV, she started screaming, "That drug is making me feel like I'm burning up !", then the uncontrollable movements began, and they denied that Reglan had anything to do with causing it.
You mentioned hyperflexia. Is that similar to dystonia in the hand joints? It's kind of difficult for me to type, and I make a lot of typos but I try to take time to correct them. I'm glad you joined this group. ~ BOSHIE

I have had this to the point where I cannot sit still. I cannot concentrate on anything productive. I was so restless that I went for a walk. With all my shaking and grimacing I thought the cops would think I was on meth or something. They are stupid when it comes this sort of thing. If I was to explain TD he would think I need to go to the psych hospital. I went home and paced up and down my hall for about 6 hours till the TD passed.

I agree totally! I fear being dragged off to a psych hospital where I am forced to take antipsychotics to treat what looks like either drug induced psychosis from meth, or because it is assumed I am schizophrenic as I have TD.