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Neurology Appointments By The New Justin Nudder

I gave myself a new nom de plume since I seem to be doing nutty things. I had to fill out a bunch of medical forms, but the important one was out of alignment, and I wanted to make a copy. I decided after many tries that they must not want patients to be able to make their own copy. I even tried slanting it on the scanner, still cut things out.. I decided this thing needs a little trimming. I have a small picture trimmer, I thought it would be just what it needed. A little off the top, and sides, now let's try it on the scanner. Wow, believe it or not, the scanner made a wonderful copy. The only problem was

it had two sides. So I had to make a second page. But I knew the Dr. expected the two sided paper, so I decided they deserved the trimmed up version.
I arrieved early for the appointment. I told the receptionist that they really need to send out nice straight forms or this is what you might get. " I gave this paper a papercut, so I could make a decent copy. I'll be more than happy to recopy it if you want me to." She started laughing and said this will be just fine. "Oh and by the way, I want my medical records from this appointment and the one I had 4 years ago."

That neurologist came in with a big grin on his face. I know he was a lot friendlier this time. I think I found the secret of getting their attention. He was also more thorough this time. Then he told me I had a fascinating condition, and he said Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) is going to love having me sent over there.

So I just want you to know there is a secret to getting special service at your doctor's visit. After all doctors see a lot of depressing things. I don't recommend mutilating the paper too much. Of course this only works if they send the papers to your home.

My husband told me one lady went to complain about the long wait. Sorry lady, he was too busy asking me questions. JUSTIN NUDDER - satisfied patient
Boshie Boshie 61-65, F Aug 23, 2012

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