I was fighting depression at the time of my symptoms started. First was the chomping of my tongue, then weeks later my voice changed drastically. I couldn't formulate words, pronounce words and got to the point that only air was all that anyone could hear. Since this came on so fast and the lack of answers didn't come. I eventually got an answer of i had a 50/50 chance to speak again and there was no tell when or even. I never knew how much talking I did until i could do the smallest things. After months and months of doctors appointments. I took a break. Four months later I started to formulate words, my speech got better. For the most part my everyday speech is with out thought and ease. To this day if i am stressed or I have talked to much, I get tongue twisted and my words are slow to come out. I have had less facial involuntary movements of my face. I am a talker and times when I just can not say a word is so frustrating. When I did what right to take a medication to help my depression the result was loosing my speech. I hope that telling my story will just help the next person in any capacity.
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You seemed to have been overlooked on EP. Losing your voice must be very difficult. My larynx makes a humming noise with every exhalation, and the sound is annoying, but I have never lost my voice. Do you think it damaged your vocal cords or larynx? Was it an SSRI you took? R.E.M