Tarsal Carpal Coallition Syndrome

hi my name is tarsal, i have a daughter who has tarsal carpal coalition syndrome, and hyper moblitly, this is very rare none of the doctors know about this, but it is affecting my daughter walking to the point where she cant walk at all. her hands where she is unable to cut her food up dress or comb/wash her hair

tarsal tarsal
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

My 4 years old daughter has a carpal tarsal coalition syndrome. Her doctor has her on 2 different types of braces. One for day time & the other for night time where she is supposed to wear them while she's sleeping but we couldn't get her to wear them because she feels uncomfortable so we need to take them off before she goes to bed. It's been a year already when she started to wear braces. It was just lately when she finally started to wear her night braces even on a day time. There is no way for her to let her wear them while she'll be sleeping because of the pressure. But lately, i think she's beginning to understand that her feet are getting crocked or will get worse if she wont wear them. I do not limit her to do any activities. Swimming is a good stretching exercise for them.