The Bitter Illusion of Hope...

Once love finds you, it sometimes retains it's grip. Such is my fate, to wander Nod alone. Love is my guiding light, love for one, forever. So long as that illusion remains, even as the faintest light beyond the Mountains of Despair, I wander, ever towards my destiny's end. Surely there are companions along the way, friends, lovers, even foes, all provide temporary respite from the ineffable darkness in this, the Land of Eternal Night. She comes to me, through friends, and foes, she comes. I see here there, bathed in purest light, singularly beautiful in this world. My Rose, my Beautiful Rose. And with her comes hope, that bitter illusion...
Lucavi Lucavi
26-30, M
5 Responses Jul 15, 2007

I doubt my treasure will come in this world. This world is not meant for me.

It certainly is a bitter illusion. <br />
<br />
I agree the pain will be worth it.

I lost mine along time ago and I doubt I will ever find him.

One must live to love and be loved, no matter how long one has to wait for it to come. The hours of pain will be worth it, when you find your Soulmate.

a bitter illusion eh? hmm- sweetbitter perhaps?