These Things Are

Tats are addictive.You get one, and I swear you will run out to get another.I got one on my right forearm when I was 26.I got another on the left forearm when I was 31...I added another to the right side of my the age of 39, I had 3 more added to my left arm.I got 6 more to go before I hit 40.My daughter got her first inside her right arm, at 18, and she just added another inside her left arm.She plans to get tatted up everywhere, and she has an eyebrow piercing.THAT is where I draw the line.No piercings for me.LOL...Nothing but my earlobes.
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36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 23, 2011

Please believe if U ever get one, U will want another.Right now I got 11..and planning on getting more, on my back and neck.

Addictive like crack, many says so, I didn't believe until I got one. Thanks God that I am not addicted to that level