A New Idea

i have a tat on my ribs. it goes from boob to bum - i have an unfinished pic on my prof if u wanna c it.

noooow. i want a magnola lila something tree (like the one from mulan) going from my hip bone, left my my belly button up and to my ribs a bit. but i dont want to be all covered and such. and have it be ' too much' you know? i want it to still be sexy. so we shall c what actually happens

rylnn rylnn
18-21, F
4 Responses May 10, 2009

i think a woman with a tattoo like you describe is tasteful and sexy, dont get any on your breasts it takes away from yorn natural beauty, would like to dee pic. i have 2 on my left arm a cross and my right a flag of my province, newfoundland, canada. am getting more my next is a compass rose over my heart, and plans for tribal over my shoulder and eventully down my ribs and maybe as far as my butt. its so addivtive, dont get a tramp stamp,

There you go I found some humor here . Nice tat .

answers like that don't help, u know

I'm sure anything you get youll make it look sexy.