My Tatties And Piercings!~

Every tattoo I have has great meaning to it.. In total right now I have 7 tattoos and I am adding to the one on my left thigh in April... I'm putting a spaceship over top of it.. It's an alien.. to represent my son.. Who will be 12 in April. I also have 3 piercing currently in.. 2 in my tougne and one below my waist I used to have a nipple piercing but I took it out when I had kids.. I also have my belly button pierced .. but like I said .. I have kids and well.. I was blessed with tons of streach marks and I'm not going to put it back in until they go away a bit more and I get back into shape a little more...

BlueHaze09 BlueHaze09
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2010